Eye Wrinkles + Dry Skin
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Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles, therefore, hydration of the skin is essential. This combo helps in moisturizing the skin as well as preventing sun damage, which makes it ideal for daily usage. Pay attention to the skin around the eyes, which requires the utmost care at an early stage.

Eye Wrinkles + Dry Skin

Eye Rejuvenation Treatment and SPF 30 Hydrating Protection

Benefits of using this Treatment

  • Enhances eye area skin.
  • Prevents and corrects multiple signs of skin aging.
  • Protects against photo –aging.
  • Enhances youthful, supple skin.

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Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles, therefore, hydration of the skin is essential. This combo helps in moisturizing the skin as well as preventing sun damage, which makes it ideal for daily usage. Pay a attention to the skin around the eyes, which requires the utmost care at an early stage.

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Benefits of Eyevage:

Eyevage is a clinically perfected eye rejuvenation treatment that works wonders on mature or problem skin. This quick-absorbing cream glides on and perfects the appearance and composition of the eye contour in the following ways:

  • Delivers similar beautifying effects as improvedmicro-circulation in capillaries, which include mobilizing accumulated fluid, improving brightness and luminosity,and fading areas of discoloration and dark circles
  • Acts as a potent anti-inflammatory to address problem areas often seen on the surface of mature skin
  • Deeply moisturizers and enhances eye area skin to reduce the appearance of multiple signs of skin aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, and crow's feet
  • Exerts a significant firming and tightening effect to improve skin tone and give the eye contour a bright and youthfully radiant appearance
  • Protects skin with extraordinary antioxidants that neutralize harmful compounds such as free radicals that can cause skin damage and other changes that make skin look older
  • Quenches delicate eye area skin prone to dehydration with nutrient-infused conditioners to make it look smoother, softer, and healthier
Benefits of Dermaxsol:

Great for all skin types, this hydrating cream with SPF-30 is fast absorbing, providing a protective barrier against photo-aging and the sun's harmful rays. Also provides an excellent makeup base that is non-greasy. Dermaxsol moisturizes and blends naturally with the color of your skin reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vital ingredients of Eyevage:

Purified Water (Aqua), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin K, Arnica Montana Extract, Oxido Reductases, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein, Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein, Laureth-7, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Polyacrylamide, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Eriobotrya Japonica Extract.

Vitamin K

This skin-perfecting form of vitamin K accelerates healing and repair. It has the unique ability to fade and lessen the severity of bruising, which makes it an effective solution for minimizing the appearance of dark circles and discoloration in the under-eye area. This clinically researched ingredient can also boost apparent elasticity to make skin look firmer and more toned while minimizing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

Arnica Montana Extract

An all-natural botanical extract, arnica montana supplements the restorative properties of vitamin K. It is a skin-calming anti-inflammatory that directly targets tissues in the eye area to help eliminate the unsightly properties associated with mature skin. This key ingredient also accelerates skin's natural recovery and renewal process following exposure to a variety of potentially damaging environmental stressors.

Oxido Reductases

These active enzymes promote vigorous antioxidant activity to preserve skin's overall health and combat the numerous cellular changes that contribute to the appearance of skin aging. Antioxidants limit the amount of oxidative stress placed on skin to minimize or prevent damage due to exposure to harmful free radicals found in the environment.

Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein and Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein

This dual botanical peptide complex enhances micro-circulation in the skin surrounding the eye. Comprised of purified soy and rice proteins, this professional strength preparation corrects inadequate circulation in and leakage from skin capillaries in the sensitive under-eye area. The end result is a brighter, refreshed, and more vibrant eye contour.

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

This plant-derived ingredient is a luxurious emollient with quick-absorbing properties. Non-irritating and suitable for all skin types, jojoba seed oil provides hydration to dry skin and also enhances the skin's natural ability to retain moisture. Its therapeutic compounds soothe and calm irritation and inflammation.

Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil

Rich in nutritive fatty acids, this botanical oil helps fortify skin with a protective barrier that seals in moisture. Apricot kernel oil is also packed with vitamins and antioxidants that defend skin against environmental damage and structural degradation due to exposure to free radicals. This all-natural extract promotes optimal overall skin health.


This moisturizing extract has a silky, non-oily texture and does not clog pores. A highly effective skin-balancing compound, squalane provides intense hydration to leave skin dewy and soft. Its ability to penetrate deeply into skin is what gives squalane its apparent skin restoring and enhancing properties.

Hyaluronic Acid

A highly sought after skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid is an ultra-light hydrating compound that works to help restore skin's youthful composition and properties. Thanks to its softening effects, hyaluronic acid can make skin feel suppler, enhance skin texture, and make signs of aging less noticeable.

Eriobotrya Japonica Extract

A nutrient-rich, fruit-based balm, eriobotrya japonica extract is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that can address the issues commonly affecting mature skin in the under-eye area. Its ability to soften skin and improve the appearance of firmness make this key component of the Eyevage formulation a remarkable skin rejuvenator.

*Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these statements and the supplement product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Remember to read our labels and ingredient lists carefully and follow the appropriate directions for use. If you have a specific allergy or sensitivity, do not use ingredients that may trigger a reaction. An allergy patch test is recommended if there is any doubt or history of skin reactions. Discontinue use if a reaction occurs.*

Vital ingredients of Dermaxsol:

Zinc Oxide 7%, Octinoxate 7.5%, Deionized Water (Aqua), Stearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Dilaurate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Beeswax, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone , Diisopropyl Adipate, Hexylene Glycol, PEG-40 Stearate, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, PEG-20, Carnauba Wax, Dimethicone Copolyol, PVP/Eicosene Copolymer, Sorbitan Tristearate, Stearoxytrimethylsilane, Steareth-100, Laureth-7, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Phenoxyethanol, Ethyhexylglycerin, Polyacrylamide

Step 1


Use a pea-sized amount of Eyevage and dab on your eye area. Apply morning and before going to bed everyday.

Step 2


Apply directly to your face until a thin film forms on the surface of your skin. Apply as last step in your daily routine 20 minutes before sun exposure.

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  1. I'm wowed…

    Glady K. Age: 36-40

    I’m wowed by how simple yet effective these products are together. The puffiness under my eyes has disappeared, and my tender eye skin looks thicker and smoother than ever. My makeup applies beautifully on top of these products, and the moisturizer doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or shiny.

    Rating: 5
  2. Brings light to my eyes again…

    Lisa H. Age: 26-30

    After using this just once, my skin has a softness and suppleness to it. The eye cream brings the light to my eyes again. My brows and eyes look lifted, and my skin just glows beautifully.

    Rating: 5
  3. Immediately sinks in…

    Janice J. Age: 31-35

    I love how this goes on. It immediately sinks in. My hooded eyes look really lifted and bright, and my undereye circles are less noticeable.

    Rating: 5

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