Beat Adult Acne Breakout

Get Rid of Acne: Top 5 Simple Ways to Beat Adult Acne Breakout Forever

Adult acne is one of the biggest skin care concerns today. It can be due to heredity, makeup, hygiene or other causes. It remains to be mysterious and the condition is utterly disheartening. On a positive note, there are several treatments available that can get rid of the problem. Read on to find out more about these treatments and learn how you can get rid of adult acne permanently.

1. Use a Clarifying Cleanser

One of the most effective solutions to get rid of adult acne and prevent it from recurring is to use a good clarifying cleanser regularly. Be warned though, there are formulations that use harsh ingredients, which can actually trigger breakouts or worsen the problem. Look for products that use proven anti-acne ingredients like the hydroxy acids, salicylic acid and lactic acid. These ingredients exfoliate the skin gently without causing irritation. The alpha-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, can also be useful in preventing breakouts.

2. Find a Good Spot Treatment

A spot treatment product can clear up your skin fast, as long as it contains the right ingredients. Look for products with salicylic acid, colloidal sulfur and zinc oxide. These three ingredients, when combined, can get rid of acne quickly. A product worth mentioning is called Zeroblem, which contains these three powerful anti-acne ingredients. It has become very popular in recent months mainly through word of mouth.

3. Do Not Use Bath Soap to Wash Your Face

Wash Your Face

Some people wonder why they continue to have breakouts, but the culprit is simply bath soap, which they use to wash their face. Bath soap contains harsh ingredients like triclosan, which can irritate the skin and trigger breakouts. You need to use a cleanser that is suitable for your specific skin type. Just make sure it is gentle, and doesn’t contain acne-causing ingredients.

4. Choose Your Skin Care Products Carefully

In a lot of cases, adult acne is caused by skin care products you apply on your skin. Watch out for products with fragrance and other potentially harmful ingredients. Learn about acne-causing ingredients you should watch out for such as phthalates, which are actually known to cause liver, kidney and reproductive system damage. Mineral oil is another acne-causing ingredient, but it is often added to skin care formulations as a moisturizer.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Exfoliate Your Skin

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on professional exfoliation treatments. Skin care experts recommend exfoliation not just for treating, but also for preventing adult acne. There are skin care formulations that you can use at home, so there is really no need for professional exfoliation treatments. The ingredient you should look for is glycolic acid, which removes dead skin cells, promotes cellular turnover and improves overall skin texture. Just make sure not to exfoliate too often because this tends to irritate the skin.

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