Blemish Free Skin

The Simplest Skin Care Regimen to Get Blemish-Free Skin

All skin types can be affected by blemishes such as blackheads, reddish inflamed bumps, etc. According to experts, having spot-free skin is not really that complicated. First of all, it is important to understand why spots develop in the first place. It is usually the result of problems with the sebaceous glands that lie just beneath the skin’s surface. These glands produce sebum which is the natural moisturizer of the skin. When the skin produces too much sebum due to certain causes like hormone fluctuations, hair follicles can get clogged which contributes to the development of blemishes.

Here is a simple skin care regimen to get rid of blemishes and prevent it from developing in the future.

Fight Acne with a Spot Treatment

The most common type of blemish that affects people is acne. To get rid of breakouts fast, spot treatments work best. The formulation should target and heal ugly blemishes intensively using proven active ingredients such as salicylic acid and colloidal sulfur. Look for an advanced skin clarifying formulation that can penetrate deep into the pores to get rid of dirt and other blemish-causing impurities. One of the top spot treatments today is called Zeroblem which is from a company called Solvaderm. The company is gradually becoming known for offering innovative skincare products including highly effective anti-aging formulas.

Keep the Skin Blemish-Free with a Clarifying Cleanser

Clarifying Cleanser

The second and probably most important step in keeping the skin clear and free of blemishes is to use a clarifying and revitalizing cleanser daily. Look for a product specifically developed by dermatologists to address the needs of acne-prone and oily skin. There are many products out there but most cannot thoroughly remove oils and impurities from the skin’s pores. Look for products that use a combination of alpha-hydroxy acids for maximum exfoliation, removing dead skin cells from the outer layer.

Aside from clarifying the skin, the top clarifying cleansers now utilize ingredients that strengthen the skin. These formulations contain active ingredients that stimulate the synthesis of collagen to improve its firmness and elasticity, rebuilding and fortifying the structural support network of the skin. There are products that use natural acids and gentle conditioning extracts to keep the skin clear, flawless and blemish-free without causing dryness. Solvaderm also offers such a product which is called Rejuvoderm. It is a remarkable anti-blemish cleanser that also works to revitalize the skin.

Fight Blemishes with a Facial Toner


Most people think a facial toner is not really necessary but this is a big mistake if you want to keep your skin blemish-free. These are products that are invaluable when it comes to removing impurities which helps prevent blemishes. The best formulations use botanical astringents and natural antiseptics that penetrate deep into the skin’s pores. This fights blackheads, whiteheads and other blemishes without removing the skin’s natural moisture. The top formulations also use soothing natural extracts to reduce skin redness and inflammation.


Age Group : 25 - 50+

Rating: Cleanse Before
  • Concentrated blend of AHA
  • Flawless blemish free skin
  • Gently exfoliates
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Age Group : 25 - 50+

Rating: Retinol Cream
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, Repair skin damage
  • Noticeably plumps skin
  • Fades age spots and Hyper - pigmented areas
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Age Group : 20 - 50+

Rating: Cleanse Before
  • Acne Treating Serum
  • Spot treatment for clearing breakouts quickly, reduces sore blemishes
  • Penetrates deep into pores
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