Eye Skin Aging

The Ultimate Guide To Eye Skin Aging With Solvaderm

Here at Solvaderm we understand that one of the main concerns when it comes to your skin is the topic of ‘Eye Skin Aging.’ That’s why this blog post will tackle this topic so no need to worry, help is on the way! Skin issues are personal, it is the physical representation of your journey in life and with that in mind we have created a blog to not only introduce our brand, but to be by your side throughout this journey— through the ups and downs (the sags and the eye bags). So if you want, please follow Solvaderm’s blog as a user for this category focusing on ‘Eye Skin Aging.’

If you are wondering why you have skin problems like dark circles under your eyes, puffiness, under eye bags, and under eye fine lines/wrinkles there are a couple of reasons why.

1.DARK CIRCLES: Many know that dark circles arise when you have been sleep deprived, which is correct, but there are other factors such as your genetic history, allergies, oversleeping (yes, crazy right!), eczema, stress, and fluid retention. Keep an eye out on your salt intake because that can cause fluid retention underneath your eyes.

2.PUFFINESS: Signs of puffy eyes are very similar to the contributing factors of dark circles. Excess of use your heater during the wintertime, PMS, your thyroid, and having a bit too much fun at happy hour can be puffing up your eyes. It’s crucial to stay hydrated as you see, to avoid many of these skin signs.

3.UNDER-EYE BAGS: Lack of sleep, allergies, tobacco use, excess sun exposure, heredity, and improper removal of your makeup are key reasons leading to the eye bags. Eye bags are also one of the first signs of aging because the tissue and muscle surrounding your eye has weakened.

4.FINE LINES: Wrinkles under eyes or around like crow’s feet are thanks to not wearing your sunglasses (too much sun), aggressively rubbing your eyes, repetitive facial expressions and sleeping on your stomach. Can’t forget a big culprit —squinting—primarily at your phone or laptop.

Many of these eye issues are stepping stones of life, your body’s signals that long nights working or celebrating happy hour as a ritual does come with more pronounced consequences now. That is why as your body changes, your lifestyle needs to adapt to those changes. First off, a common decimal throughout the mentioned list above which is the core reason of overall skin problems is dehydration. Water is your friend, your skin’s best friend in fact! Drink your water either directly or eat succulent fruits/vegetables to gain proper daily hydration. Next thing is to check out your allergens, specifically food allergies since they are a common contribution towards dark circles. The natural reaction to food allergies result in the irritation around your eyes, which is also made worse by the rubbing or tugging due to the discomfort. It’s best that you change up your diet too because it is a critical factor for your eye skin as well as overall skin health. It’s constantly hammered on to you to do so, and hey it can be difficult, but think of it this way it’s cheaper to eat healthier rather than have to resort to cosmetic surgery in the long run. What you put in your body nutrition-wise is an investment that will reflect from the inside, out. Lastly, get some sleep! Without proper sleep, the blood vessels around your eyes never get to relax, which means dark circles for you. Sleep equals better blood circulation that equals rejuvenated skin.

The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and delicate, so one of the appropriate tactics towards the mentioned skin problems would be the best under eye cream. The best eye cream for dark circles especially for chronic raccoon eyes that makeup struggles to cover up would be one that conceals the moisture as well as actively improve the circulation within this particular skin. Discoloration like dark circles, which is the most obvious sign upon your face next to puffiness, requires a concentrated serum or puffy eyes cream that will deliver firming and tightening without drying your skin. Many eye creams are not multi-functional in the sense that many of the causes of varied eye skin issues are similar, but they require targeted formulas so it can be difficult to find one cream that will treat all these issues. But, alas, Solvaderm has your saving grace!

Eyevage is the best anti aging eye cream in how to get rid of under eye wrinkles and all the other troublesome eye signs. This is an anti-aging eye rejuvenation treatment that is multi-action unlike other eye creams, and is developed by leading dermatologist to address the complex issues that affect the fragile skin surrounding your eye. It is made to penetrate skin rather quickly to improve the microcirculation in your under eye zone. The benefits of daily use of Eyevage are the mobilization of accumulated fluid that result in dark circles, acts as a potent anti-inflammatory for puffy eyes, and improves skin tone while giving your eye contour a firmer/radiant appearance which means a reduction in eye creases and fine lines. In comparison to competitors, Solvaderm’s Eyevage will not leave a greasy after gloss when applied because it quenches your skin rapidly and protects the elasticity within your skin with the blend of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that form skin damage.

If you are concerned with the process of finding the right product or regime for target areas like your eyes, face, forehead, neck, and décolletage, all you have to do is click over to Solvaderm’s Skin Care Diagnostic Tool. You are truly invited to not only hear us out in our blog, but encouraged to reach out with your reviews and comments. We want to know what your skin concerns are and how we are helping or what more needs to be put in so you can be left feeling and looking radiant.

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