How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Fast ? Anti-Wrinkle Creams & Proven Treatments

The skin care industry is currently a multi-billion dollar industry offering women around the world a seemingly unlimited variety of choices for the best anti-aging skin care routine. Most women over the age of 30 and even those who are younger proactively seek the best anti-aging regimen including anti-wrinkle cream, moisturizer to keep skin looking youthful, wrinkle eraser cream, beauty wrinkle reducer, and other anti-aging systems. In the endless sea of available skin care products that promise to be the best anti-aging treatment, how do we decide which one really is the best one? Stemuderm, an anti-wrinkle cream that is a product of Solvaderm Skincare, is recommended as the best anti-aging cream by dermatologists and other skin care professionals around the world. But before we discuss the benefits and effectiveness of Stemuderm and why it stands out as one of the best anti-aging skin care products available, let’s first investigate the causes of wrinkles, how to get rid of wrinkles, and the best treatments for wrinkles.

What are Wrinkles?

When wrinkles start to appear on our faces as we age, we often go into panic mode fearing that we are beginning to look old. For whatever reason, society has equated the appearance of wrinkles with the elderly. But before we begin to panic, it is important to first understand what exactly are wrinkles. A wrinkle is simply a fold or a crease that forms in our skin due to a variety of causes. Some are age related, others are environmentally related. Some causes are preventable while others are not.

What are Causes of Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are a naturally occurring phenomenon that happen as we age and our bodies slow down the production of collagen. Collagen is the structural protein naturally found in our skin and other connective tissues that helps maintain elasticity and suppleness which gives us our youthful appearance. However, when aging is the cause of wrinkles, you can invest in a new age face cream or other age reversal cream to help combat the early appearance of wrinkles. There are other factors that contribute to the appearance of wrinkles on your face, neck, and chest that are more environmentally related.  In addition to the natural aging process, our sleeping positions, habitual facial movements, extended sun exposure, exposure to harsh winds and other atmospheric elements, air pollution, cigarette smoking, extreme weight loss, poor diet, and dehydration all contribute to the formation of wrinkles on our skin. Wrinkles caused by lifestyle choices are more easily prevented than those caused by the process of aging. But determining the exact cause of your wrinkles is nearly impossible because so many things around us affect the health and appearance of our skin.

What are Types of Wrinkles?

As we age, our skin will begin to show signs of wrinkles. Nearly every part of our bodies are prone to wrinkling. However, the three most prominent places where wrinkles appear that are the most bothersome to women are on the face, neck, and chest. These three areas suffer the most exposure to the sun and other harmful environmental elements that contribute to wrinkles and they are also the most visible parts of our bodies that lead to insecurities when wrinkles begin to appear. As a result, women everywhere at every age search for the best anti-aging skin care products to help prevent and reduce the signs of aging.

1. Facial Wrinkles: What Causes Wrinkles on Face?

Facial-WrinklesBecause in most cultures we basically never cover our faces, the skin in that area is always exposed to natural elements that may cause wrinkles. Due to factors such as repeated facial expressions throughout our lifetimes, sun exposure, and reduced collagen levels as we age, our faces are the first place where wrinkles begin to appear. The areas most prone to wrinkling include around our eyes, our mouths, and our foreheads. The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of our skin and therefore it dehydrates quicker and shows signs of wrinkles much easier. Our mouths and foreheads along with our eyes are how we express emotion during our every waking hour. Smiling, laughing, frowning, squinting, chewing, swallowing, and talking all contribute to the formation of creases in our skin through these repeated movements. As collagen production decreases, our skin loses its elasticity and the ability to snap back into its smoother form when we make these facial expressions.

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Face?

While you can always resort to trying the best anti-wrinkle cream available to reduce the formation and appearance of facial wrinkles, there are some natural remedies for facial wrinkles as well. Many of these remedies, however, are preventative in nature and require lifestyle changes in the interest of maintaining healthier and more youthful looking skin.

  1. Avoid too much sun exposure:

    The dangerous ultraviolet rays from extended sun exposure will damage your skin and cause early wrinkling.

  2. When in the sun, wear sunscreen:

    It not only prevents wrinkles, but sunscreen also protects from cancer causing agents.

  3. Don’t smoke:

    Research shows that an enzyme is released from cigarette smoke that breaks down collagen and elastin in the skin causing deep wrinkles to form.

  4. Get adequate sleep:

    When we do not get enough sleep, our bodies produce excess cortisol which breaks down our skin cells and causes wrinkles to form. However, while we sleep, our bodies produce human growth hormone which helps our skin maintain healthy thickness and elasticity making it less prone to wrinkles.

  5. Choose a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients and vitamins:

    Fish, soy, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of water will all contribute to healthier and younger looking skin.

How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles?

Forehead-WrinklesForehead wrinkles, which are the deep horizontal furrows that form across the top of our browlines, can be very unpleasant to many women. Again, while you can try an instant wrinkle cream to plump those lines out, there are natural home remedies if you are interested in how to remove forehead wrinkles without setting aside a skin care budget. Massaging certain oils and other ingredients on your forehead and face have been shown to reduce the appearance of those deep lines and wrinkles. Use a few drops of any of the following ingredients that may be found right in your kitchen and massage them gently into your forehead and face: organic coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, fresh lemon juice, aloe vera mixed with egg whites, or manuka honey.

2. Neck Wrinkles: What Causes Wrinkles on Neck?

Neck-wrinklesJust like all other wrinkles, neck wrinkles are generally caused by the aging process and reduction of collagen in the skin. However, the aging process and collagen deficiency can only be blamed for horizontal neck lines. Vertical neck wrinkles have different causes and are more problematic. Vertical neck wrinkles tend to occur as a result of sleeping position over time and extended periods of sun exposure. Because they form over a long period of time, they will appear deeper than age-related horizontal wrinkles and are much more difficult to treat.

3. Chest Wrinkles: What Causes Wrinkles on the Chest?

chest-wrinklesThe skin on our chest and cleavage area tends to be a bit thinner than the skin on our arms, legs, and torso, leaving it more vulnerable to the elements and more prone to wrinkles. The chest and cleavage area (also known as the decolletage area) tends to be more exposed to the sun as well which contributes to wrinkling over time. Like any other wrinkles that begin to appear on our bodies as we age, chest wrinkles are just as unwanted and fuel our search for the best product to reduce wrinkles. Some products that can aid in the treatment of neck and chest wrinkles may be natural ingredients that you already have in your home.

Natural Remedies to Remove Neck Wrinkles and Chest Wrinkles

There are a variety of ways to strengthen the skin and underlying muscle structure of your neck and chest to help remove unwanted wrinkles as well as various methods to keep that skin properly hydrated.

  1. Neck and Facial exercises:

    Simply sit in a relaxed position and gently tilt your head back, stretch your neck, and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat daily. This exercise will strengthen the muscles in your neck making neck lines less apparent.

  2. Aloe vera as a moisturizer:

    Simply use the oil from an aloe vera plant in place of moisturizer and massage into your neck and chest wrinkles to increase hydration in that area and help remove wrinkles.

  3. Consume 8 glasses of water daily:

    Not only will proper hydration improve your overall health, it will keep your skin properly hydrated and reduce the appearance of unwanted wrinkles.

  4. Do-it-yourself face and cleavage masks:

    To help fight wrinkles in the neck and chest area as well as reduce redness and dry skin in that area, you can apply homemade face and chest masks using natural ingredients such as aloe vera, avocado, coconut oil, cucumber, oatmeal, papaya, and yogurt.

Treatment for Wrinkles: How Does Anti-Wrinkle Cream Work?

How-Does-Anti-Wrinkle-Cream-WorkWhile there is some speculation in the medical field about the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle creams, many dermatologists, skin care professionals, and consumers swear by the benefits of ageless face cream and other new age anti-wrinkle cream. Basically, anti-wrinkle creams offer various formulations of natural ingredients that help boost collagen production, moisturize and hydrate skin, stimulate new cell growth, and improve overall skin health leaving your skin soft, smooth, supple, and radiant for a more youthful appearance. The best anti-aging face cream will also include essential nutrients that possess anti-aging potential by delivering necessary vitamins directly to your skin.

Which Anti-Wrinkle Cream is Best?

Now that we have covered all the ins and outs on types of wrinkles, what causes them, and natural remedies to help prevent and treat them, let’s look at the options available in the best face cream for aging skin. The best face cream for wrinkles will contain powerful peptides that inhibit the facial muscle contractions that contribute to the signs of aging skin. Even the best peptide cream will include skin firming properties to enhance elasticity as well as nutrients to renew skin cell production, moisturize, soften, and plump the skin while evening out any other skin imperfections. Stemuderm Cream offers just such a formula which is the best skin care routine for 30’s as well as any other age group of women seeking to obtain youthful and healthy skin.

Where to Buy Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream?

Anti-wrinkle creams can be found at just about any retailer that carries skin care products including major chains and department stores, supermarkets, salons, and online retailers like Amazon and can vary in cost from as little as under $20 upwards into the hundreds of dollars. In general, a mid-range anti-wrinkle cream will provide you with all the necessary anti-aging benefits that you would need. Stemuderm Cream can be purchased directly through the parent website Solvaderm. The Stemuderm cost of $79.99 for a 1.7 ounce bottle will provide you with an anti-wrinkle dermatological treatment that has received a 5 star rating from satisfied customers. You will see maximize benefits when used in conjunction with Solvaderm’s clarifying toner Maxatone, skin balancing cleanser Dermpura, and anti-aging eye rejuvenation treatment Eyevage.

How to Apply Anti-Wrinkle Cream?

If you spent the money on the best anti-wrinkle cream, you want to use it correctly for maximum benefit. There is a specific technique for applying your anti-wrinkle cream to obtain those maximum benefits and see valuable results.

  1. Cleanse first: It is important to first remove all makeup and cleanse your face, neck, and decollete area of all oils from the day or night.
  2. Use a small amount: Apply a small amount of anti-wrinkle cream to your fingertips.
  3. Massage gently: Using a circular motion, gently massage the cream into your skin focusing on the areas that show visible lines and wrinkles.
  4. Allow your skin an adjustment period: When you first begin using any skin care product, apply the product only every other day for the first week to see how your skin reacts.  Then adjust accordingly. Your skin may need more or less applications depending on your skin type, dry versus oily. Once you have determined the best routine for your skin, you can begin applying as instructed.
  5. In general, apply twice daily (see #4): Applying your anti-wrinkle cream in the morning and at night before bed will provide extra protection, nourishment, and hydration for your skin.

Once you begin experiencing the amazing anti-aging results of your new anti-wrinkle cream, spread the word and share your experience with your friends. After all, aren’t we all seeking that ever youthful appearance that we get from flawless and radiant skin?
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