Good Habits to Diminish Signs of Skin Aging

Prevent the Early Signs of Skin Aging by Changing These Habits

Skin aging signs are a normal part of getting older and no matter what you do, they will eventually show up. However, there are things that you might be doing that accelerate your skin’s aging. These habits can cause premature aging signs and cause wrinkles even when you’re still in your 30s or even earlier. Watch out for these bad habits and learn how you can correct them.

Neglecting Your Neck and Chest

Not giving the skin in your neck and chest proper care will be something you will regret in several (or a few) years. Just like your face, these areas are often exposed to the sun so they need to be protected. Make sure to apply enough sunscreen on these parts every time you are headed outdoors. If there are already fine lines and wrinkles, you can find distinctive products formulated for aging signs in these areas. One such product is Solvaderm’s Revivatone, an intensive neck and chest repair complex that restores the youthful smoothness and softness of the skin.

Not Wearing Sunscreen Regularly

Not Wearing Sunscreen Regularly

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to anti-aging skincare is to skip wearing sunscreen. Even during cloudy days, the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun can reach your skin and speed up the aging process. Aside from applying sunscreen, you should also use skincare products with SPF such as moisturizers. This will ensure optimal protection from sun damage and prevent early aging signs on your skin.

Not removing Makeup Before Going to Bed

Even though there is nothing more you’d like to do than to go straight to bed after a long day, don’t do it! You need to cleanse your skin first if you want to prevent early aging signs from developing. Toxins like dirt and pollution build up on your skin and invade your pores. A good cleanser will get rid of these harmful compounds and prevent skin problems like acne.

Wrong Sleep Position

Wrong Sleep Position

There is no doubt that sleep is important when it comes to your skin and overall health. However, your sleep position may cause premature wrinkles to appear. Experts report that sleeping on your side or belly can accelerate the development of fine lines and wrinkles (even if you have soft pillows). The wrong sleep position puts pressure on the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin and damages them. This leads to premature aging signs on your skin, particularly fine lines and wrinkles.

Repetitive Facial Expressions

One of the biggest contributors when it comes to the development of skin aging signs is repeating the same facial expressions. Over time, this causes your facial muscles to lose their flexibility, and results in fine lines and eventually wrinkles. There are now revolutionary anti-aging products that work just like Botox injections to address this major skin aging problem. These products inhibit muscle contractions thereby preventing the development of premature skin aging signs.


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