Repair Neck and Chest Wrinkles

How to Easily Repair Neck and Chest Wrinkles?

When we introduce certain measures to deal with aging process and decrease appearance of wrinkles we, usually, don’t consider neck and chest. It’s not surprising mostly because TV ads for skincare products, websites, and magazines mostly promote products intended to tackle wrinkles that appear around our eyes, forehead, and other parts of our facial skin. Neck and chest are wrongfully neglected and it’s about time to fix that. After all, having youthful-looking face has to be accompanied with the neck and chest that aren’t “decorated” with wrinkles and creases. Keep reading this article in order to find out how to treat and repair skin on neck and chest.

How These Wrinkles Develop?

Sagging skin and appearance of wrinkles is part of aging process. But, unlike wrinkles on face that show up in form of fine lines and skin folds, wrinkles on neck and chest are more exaggerated, deeper, and make you look much older than you really are. The primary reason for appearance of these wrinkles on neck and chest is the impaired production of collagen. Skin loses its elasticity, becomes thinner, and drier. All these factors speed up appearance of wrinkles. However, just like with our facial skin, neck and chest can develop wrinkles due to number of other reasons too. For example:

  • Sun exposure – generally, wrinkles develop where the skin is exposed to sun’s radiation. Besides our face, skin on neck and chest (or more precisely cleavage) is also exposed to sun’s damaging UV rays which accelerate appearance of wrinkles. This happens because UV rays break down the production of collagen and elastin. With impaired collagen and elastin production, skin on neck and chest loses its flexibility, youthfulness, and strength. In turn, skin starts to sag and develop wrinkles which prove to be difficult to deal with.
  • Inadequate skin care – women usually ignore the importance of moisturizers. But the truth is; they should definitely be a part of a skin care routine. Another mistake women usually make is not having any type of skin care routine except washing their faces and taking showers or baths. Ideally, you should make sure your clean your face every morning and night before bedtime, and after taking a shower you should always apply moisturizers. Also, when you’re washing your face in the morning, you probably rarely include neck and chest into that routine, but you should. This neglect during regular skincare routine can also contribute to development of wrinkles on neck and chest.
  • Sleeping position – you already know sleeping position can contribute to appearance of wrinkles on face, but it can contribute to their development on neck and chest as well. When you sleep on the side, your neck is pressed against the pillow just like your face, which can accelerate formation of wrinkles. Also,
    side-sleeping or sleeping like a fetus encourages the skin on your chest to compress which can induce appearance of wrinkles between and above your breasts.
  • Smoking – nicotine from cigarettes causes constriction of blood vessels in the outermost layer of the skin. In turn, blood flow is impaired and skin is unable to receive much-needed nutrients that keep it healthy and strong.
  • Tight clothes – some push-up bras, sports bras, tight tops and other tight clothing can speed up appearance of wrinkles on your chest too. This happens because tight clothes push your breasts together which squeezes the surrounding skin. About 80% of women wear wrong bra size, bras that are too big don’t offer adequate support and lets breasts sag which also affects elasticity of the skin, and bras that are too tight can add to wrinkles.

How to Repair Neck and Chest Skin

Neck and Chest Skin

When you notice wrinkles on neck and chest skin, don’t despair. The intensity and severity of these wrinkles can be decreased and faded. Also, with the right products you can slow down the process of appearance of wrinkles and make sure your neck and chest are just as youthful as your face.

Repairing neck and chest skin can be done in two ways; with cosmetic procedures and topical treatments. Cosmetic procedures are usually pricy and sometimes they are accompanied with some side effects. This is why dermatologists suggest using topical treatments to reduce these wrinkles. Ideal product for this purpose is the one that improves elasticity and collagen production while soothing and nourishing skin of neck and chest at the same time. Together with progress of technology, scientists are able to develop new formulas for treating wrinkles effectively. Making a decision about the new product is never easy mostly because you can never be sure whether it will be effective or not.

To make things easier for you, we found a perfect neck and chest repair product you should definitely include into your beauty routine. Solvaderm’s Revivatone is an intensive neck and chest repair complex that will correct multiple signs of aging from this area. Why this product? It’s because Solvaderm is one of the most reputable companies in the skincare industry.

Why Solvaderm?

Due to numerous skin care products that tackle aging and correct wrinkles, eliminate acne etc. Solvaderm effectively revolutionized skin science for good. The company gathers world’s leading scientists and dermatologists who come up with various solutions to treat many common problems that we deal with on daily basis. In order to make sure your acne problem is gone, wrinkles decrease, and even neck and chest to become revitalized, scientists from Solvaderm use ingredients whose effectiveness has been proven through numerous studies. Also, the reliability of products made by this company is indicated by user-friendly website where you can learn things you didn’t know about your problem (regardless what skin problem it is) and get informed about products, ingredients etc. The greatest advantage of this company is the fact all products were tested through clinical trials and their effectiveness was also confirmed by numerous customers. Solvaderm’s skin items don’t cause irritations and side effects, and are intended for all people regardless of their skin type.

What is Revivatone?

Skin Firmer

As it was briefly mentioned above, Revivatone is an intensive neck and chest repair complex that tackles aging process and wrinkles that appear on said area of our body. The product boosts collagen levels and strengthens our skin. Some benefits of this highly effective skincare product are:

  • Transforms the appearance of mature skin in neck and chest area
  • Has rejuvenating effects
  • Reinforces the connective tissue network that makes skin firmer, tight and toned
  • Promotes collagen synthesis and prevents degradation of elastin
  • Addresses age-related changes in neck and chest that cause skin to sag and become wrinkled
  • Nourishes, hydrates, and moisturizes the skin to plump away surface lines and wrinkles, correct uneven texture, and make skin soft and smooth.

As you can see, Revivatone has numerous benefits for neck and chest area. This wouldn’t be possible without formula that includes ingredients that have a positive effect on our skin. For example:

  • Hexapeptide-10 – it strengthens and restructures the dermo epidermal junction or DEJ which is a barrier between the outermost layer of the skin and deeper layers. Degradation of DEJ is one of the factors that contribute to saggy and wrinkly skin in neck and chest area.
  • Acetil Dipeptide-13 – this ingredient repairs losses in skin texture and tone that happen due to impaired collagen production. It stimulates synthesis of collagen after which the skin becomes firm and toned. Moreover, it prevents degradation of elastin and prevents sagginess.
  • Hyaluronic acid – you already know about this ingredient and you’ve probably noticed that skincare products advertised on TV or websites always mention hyaluronic acid in order to confirm the beneficial effects of entire product. It tackles skin imperfections caused by premature aging and also acts as a moisturizer that nourishes your neck and chest at the same time.
  • Squalane – this is a quick-absorbing moisturizer that protects and hydrates the skin without leaving awkward and unappealing greasy residue. Squalane minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and promotes production of new skin cells.
  • Glycerin – contains humectant properties and acts like a skin hydrator. It corrects uneven texture and dryness. Also, this ingredient rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin.

How to Use It?

Neck and Chest

In order to repair skin on neck and chest with Revivatone you have to use it properly. Apply the product to neck and cleavage as the last step of your daily skin care routine. Ideally, you should apply it in morning and at night before bedtime. With the regular usage, you will see the improvements on neck and chest skin in about two weeks, and dramatic results can be expected in 12 weeks. Revivatone will make neck and chest skin smooth, minimize the severity of wrinkles, and prevent new ones from popping up.


Neck and chest skin is usually ignored when it comes to prevention of wrinkles. Also, while washing and cleaning face, women rarely include neck and cleavage into that routine which can also cause the appearance of saggy skin and deep wrinkles. Fortunately, with high quality products like Revivatone it is possible to minimize intensity of wrinkles, improve skin quality and prevent new wrinkles to develop. It is important to include this area of your body into skin care regime, protect yourself from sun, and have a healthy lifestyle that will improve skin quality too.


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