Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin – Tips on which Products to Use

If you usually experience adverse effects whenever you try new products or scrub your skin too hard, you need to be more careful with your skin care routine. Adding a new product is not simple since your sensitive skin makes it difficult to find a formulation. If you have this problem regularly, here are some of the best tips in choosing skincare products for your sensitive skin.

1. Read Labels Carefully

Knowledge is crucial when it comes to finding a new product for your sensitive skin. You must read labels carefully to make sure there are no potential irritants like fragrances and parabens. For people with sensitive skin, skin care experts recommend using products that only contain less than 10 ingredients. This is because more complicated formulations are more likely to contain irritants. A little online research will help you understand the ingredients of a product especially those that look complicated.

2. Moisturize Religiously

Moisturize Religiously

A good moisturizer is important especially for people with sensitive skin. This is because it is more vulnerable to the elements which can lead to dryness and premature aging. Find a moisturizer that suits your specific skin type and use it with vigilance. One such product is Solvaderm’s Dermaxsol, Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF-30 nourishes and hydrates your skin while helping to defend against sun damage.

3. Use Sunscreen for Protection

Sunscreen is important for everyone since the ultraviolet radiation from the sun is dangerous. It is more important for people with sensitive skin since it is more delicate. It usually burns faster and unprotected sun exposure can also speed up the skin aging process considerably. There are specialty skincare products like moisturizing formulations that also offer sun protection.

4. Utilize the Power of Antioxidants

Power of Antioxidants

Again, sensitive skin is more delicate so it tends to age faster. Thus, it would be best to take a proactive approach in protecting the skin from premature aging. Look for a good antioxidant serum with ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. These are powerful ingredients that can help protect the skin from photoaging and delay skin aging.

5. Be Careful with Products That Have Too Much Foam

Lather is beneficial when it comes to cleaning the skin but too much may be bad for sensitive skin. It tends to dry the skin since it usually contains key ingredients that remove oils and dirt from the skin. If your skin is sensitive, stick to formulations that have lower foam content.

6. Find a Gentle Cleanser

It is important to wash your face two to three times daily depending on your activities for the day. Look for a cleanser that is formulated specifically for sensitive skin. It should contain cleansing ingredients that are not too harsh. The formulation should not be too gentle so it will be easier removing makeup or residual grime. Remember to apply your moisturizer right after cleansing in order to achieve optimum absorption.

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