Skin Discoloration on Face

Skin Discoloration on Face: Know About Its Causes and Treatments

If you have a skin discoloration problem, you need to understand what causes skin discoloration on face, in order to successfully treat it. Whether you have brown spots, age spots or freckles, there are treatments that can clear up your skin and give you an even complexion. Read on to learn the top causes of this problem and how you can address it.

Common Causes of Skin Discoloration

If you have an uneven skin tone with dark patches, here are the possible causes:

  • Sun Damage
    This is the most common cause of skin discoloration on the face. Prolonged sun exposure causes changes in the pigment of your skin, leading to brown spots and dark spots. The best protection against sun damage is wearing sunscreen, but antioxidant serums can help ensure optimal sun protection as well. These remarkable anti-aging formulations neutralize free radicals that are caused by sun damage and other environmental factors. One impressive product on the market is called Ace-Ferulic, which is a combination of powerful antioxidants plus a potent skin moisturizer.
  • Melasma
    About 90 percent of melasma cases affect women and it usually occurs during pregnancy. Melasma is characterized by brown patches on the skin, which usually develop on the face. This skin discoloration problem usually affects individuals who have darker skin. Its actual cause is still unknown, although it is believed to be hereditary. Melasma can clear up without treatment, but it can take a few months or even years.
  • Acne
    Pigmentation Problems

    When pores on your skin get clogged and bacteria proliferates, you get acne, which usually affects your face, back, shoulders and chest. Acne lesions can cause pigmentation problems and eventually lead to scarring. The best thing you can do is prevent acne as the scars are difficult to get rid of. There are spot treatments for clearing up acne, and clarifying cleansers to prevent breakouts.

How to get rid of skin discoloration

The top treatments for skin discoloration problems are:

  • Prescription Creams
    You can talk to your dermatologist about prescription formulations for lightening dark spots. Just be careful with these topical products, as they can cause a variety of side effects or even lead to hypopigmentation problems.
  • Laser Treatments
  • Laser Treatments
    Special laser treatments are available for skin discoloration issues, but these are expensive since you need several treatments. This option can also cause adverse effects, such as skin burns and excessive lightening of the skin.
  • Skin Bleaching
    This treatment option for hyperpigmentation problems is popular since it is affordable. However, you need to find an experienced professional in order to minimize risk of adverse effects, which includes minor skin burns and uneven skin color.
  • Skin Brightening Creams
    These are formulations that do not require a prescription for purchase. Just be careful in choosing a product and make sure it contains effective and safe active ingredients. There are formulations that only use natural extracts to minimize risk of adverse effects.


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