Skin Firming

Tailor Your Skin Care Routine with these Skin Care Tips

What’s the reason why a 15 year old doesn’t have fine lines or wrinkles? The natural compounds like elastin that make up their skin is in tact resulting in a firm/taut complexion. That is why the objective of this Solvaderm post is to explore the methods in how to improve skin firming. I think it’s safe to say that you probably don’t look the same as you did when you were fifteen years old, this is because your skin cells have aged which means those compounds have significantly decreased resulting in the inevitable sagging. Just the word sagging comes across as a bummer, but alas skin firming can be accomplished if you follow the listed 10 ways that we have brought to you now. If you are new to our blog, welcome! We cover all types of skin issues along with the latest approaches in resolving such issues which to be honest can be found right here with our skincare line. You are invited to stick around to learn how to battle loose and sagging skin.

1.Antioxidants: If you want firmer skin, you are going to have to include antioxidant-rich foods into your everyday diet. Antioxidants get rid of skin harmful free radicals that cause many aging signs.

2.Hydrate: Hopefully by now you understand the importance of drinking water because it is quite crucial in flushing out toxins and plumping your skin.

3.Exercise: Now you may look silly doing this step, but facial exercises help tighten the skin. Keep your chin up and do funny exorcist-like exercises such as keeping your mouth closed and tilting your head back to look directly up. This will elongate your neck and tighten your skin.

4.Masks: Facial masks have been in trend lately and there is a reason why. Vitamin- E enriched masks will help renew your skin and your skin will feel tighter without a face-lift.

5.Cleanse: Cleansing is the foundation of any skin care routine, but it’s important that you avoid harsh cleansers that can dry your skin out. Remember when you wash your face to clean up to your neck as well!

6.SPF: Always apply sunscreen before you are exposed to sunrays. UV rays can do some serious damage to your collagen. Doing this will not only help your skin be firmer, but prevent any other aging signs that sun exposure causes.

7.Strawberries: This is a little random, but eating strawberries means packing your skin with Vitamin C. This berry is an astringent on the skin, which is one of the best tactics against sagging skin.

8.Exfoliate: Picking the right exfoliant can lead to the elimination of dead skin cells and the improvement of the circulation of oxygen in your skin.

9.Skin Firming Cream: Solvaderm’s own skin tightening cream, Stemuderm, is a versatile anti-aging serum that tackles all signs of skin aging unlike other creams. It is blended with powerful peptides and a stem cell complex lifts, firms, and renews facial skin (full face, neck, and chest) unlike its competition that can only manage to target one area with just blurring effects.

Stemuderm is the best wrinkle cream for your face and neck by nourishing your skin with deep dermal hydration as well as optimizing skin-restructure for a polished complexion. This product along with the rest of our product line works in a dual-function—correction and prevention. No other skincare product effectively works like that.

If you are concerned with the process of finding the right product or don’t understand what’s the best skin care regime for your skin, all you have to do is click over to Solvaderm’s Skin Care Diagnostic Tool. It is guaranteed that you will be matched with the proper product for your skin, because this tool will survey your specific target areas and needs. Come and join the Solvaderm family by being a Solvaderm subscriber, together we will have you walking with your best foot forward and feeling confident in the skin you were born in.

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