Skin Irritation

Skin Irritation: Know the Treatments and Common Ingredients to Avoid

Having a rash or skin irritation is not really a specific diagnosis, but it refers to any type of skin inflammation that changes the normal appearance of the skin. It can be due to a number of reasons like contact dermatitis, poison ivy, hives and sun damage. Infections that are caused by bacteria, fungus or viruses can also cause skin irritation. Fortunately, there are ways to treat this condition and restore the normal appearance of your skin.

If you have skin irritation, here are different tips on how to address this problem:

  • Cleanse Your Skin
    In many cases, irritation of your skin is due to contact with allergens or irritants, especially if you have eczema, a common skin disorder that makes your skin red, itchy, inflamed and/or painful. The first step to treating this type of irritation is washing your skin to get rid of what triggered it in the first place.
  • Moisturize
    Another very common cause of irritated skin is dryness, which can be due to environmental factors, such as hot or cold temperatures. Keeping your skin moisturized is one of the best ways to prevent skin irritation, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. You can also try using a moisturizer with SPF protection to further protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun.
  • Cause Of Irritated Skin
  • Anti-inflammatory Creams
    In cases of severe skin irritation, you should consult a skin care professional to determine the cause. You will likely be instructed to use a prescription or over-the-counter cream to reduce inflammation.

Be Wary of Skincare Products That Cause Skin Irritation

Most of the time, irritation of the skin is triggered by irritants in skincare formulations. Here are the top offenders that you should watch out for:

  • Fragrance
    The top irritant in skincare products is a synthetic fragrance that’s commonly added to facial creams and body lotions. It can react with your skin, causing inflammation and weakening the skin’s protective barrier. If you have sensitive skin, it would be best to opt for skincare products that are fragrance-free.
  • Alcohol
    Most formulations for the skin contain a high amount of alcohol, which can cause dryness of your skin and make it more prone to irritation. Some alcohol is okay, but the formula should come with natural soothing and hydrating ingredients to combat the adverse effects of alcohol.
  • Hydroquinone
    Many skin lightening products use hydroquinone and what’s alarming is that they use a high concentration of this harsh chemical. It is known to cause several side effects including skin irritation, pain and the chemical has even been linked to an increased risk of skin cancer. If you’re in the market for a skin brightening product, choose formulations that use gentle, natural ingredients.
Suffering From Eczema

It is normal to experience skin irritation every now and then; however, if this happens to you frequently, you need to take a closer look at your skincare routine. The problem may be due to the products that you are applying to your skin. Remember these treatment tips and watch out for the irritating ingredients mentioned, if you want to avoid skin problems and keep your skin beautiful.


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