3 Reasons Why You Should Start Caring For Your Décolletage Now

While most of us follow a strict regimen when taking care of our face, not many pay attention to our chest, otherwise called as décolletage. Sounds fancy, but it simply means low-cut neckline or often referred to as the neck, upper chest area and shoulders. Although, many people ignore it, our décolletage is actually a visible part of our body, and believe it or not – because it produces less oil than the face and gets more sun exposure, our décolletage is the first area that shows the signs of skin aging. Needless to say, it’s a body part that you shouldn’t ignore.

Let’s dig in deeper: Here are the top reasons why you should start taking good care of your décolletage today. It’s time to give it the pampering it deserves.

Damage is More Easily Done

We’ve mentioned a while back that your décolletage contains less sebaceous glands than the other parts of your body and unfortunately, it also has limited melanocytes or cells that produce colored pigmentation found in the skin called melanin, which gives your skin color as well as protection against the sun’s damaging rays. That being said, your neck area becomes susceptible to damage. Also because the skin in your neck area is thinner yet it’s often slathered on with SPF, it makes perfect a recipe for dry, rough, wrinkled and uneven-toned décolleté area.

It is Not Cleansed As It is Normally Should

It is Not Cleansed As It is Normally Should

If you’re guilty of focusing too much on your face and forgetting to cleanse your neck area properly, then you have probably noticed how dead skin cells get built up and how pores get blocked with dirt over time. Those nasty build up can be avoided by cleansing and exfoliating your neck area as often as you cleanse your face. Note that the skin on your décolletage lacks resilience and elasticity so be gentle.

It Has Special Needs

Skin care should not stop at the neck. And if you think that simply applying a bog-standard moisturizer to your décolletage does the job, it doesn’t. You need a décolletage-specific skin care. A good example is an intensive neck and chest repair complex that is specifically formulated to fight and correct the signs of skin aging in the décolleté area. Try Revivatone by Solvaderm.

Fine Wrinkling

Revivatone helps promote collagen synthesis and delays the degradation of elastin fibers. Simply put, it makes the skin in your neck and chest area youthful, firm and taut. It also gives nourishing moisture to plump away fine lines and wrinkles on the skin’s outer layer (epidermis) and leaves skin soft and well-hydrated.

If you think your décolletage can remain tight and youthful without taking good care of it, well consider yourself warned: the loss of elastin fibers and collagen, plus the damaging UV rays can lead to sagging, crepey texture in your décolletage. So start taking good care of it while you still can.

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