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Skin Balancing Repair Cleanser

Professional Strength

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Cosmetic Dermatology

Discover Solvaderm's Professional Strength Products For Healthier And More Beautiful Skin.

Dermpura is an all-in-one skin balancing and repairing cleanser infused with natural botanical oils and nourishing vitamins. Boosts collagen synthesis to strengthen the skin's support structure and enhance elasticity and firmness. Non-greasy formula delivers nutrients that intensely care for skin while easing inflammation and calming irritation. Gentle foaming and deep cleansing action lifts and removes oils and skin-dulling impurities. Pleasant cooling sensation leaves the entire skin surface feeling rejuvenated and utterly invigorated. Skin-perfecting antioxidant complex promotes optimal pH and moisture balance for a healthy-looking, ageless complexion. Skin is revived, completely quenched, and better protected from environmental pollutants and free radicals.



Paraben freePerfume freePROFESSIONAL STRENGTH

Dermpura completely eliminates buildup without irritation while protecting, repairing, and renewing skin. The combined benefits of this multi-action face wash available from skincare professionals provide total skin revitalization:

  • Stimulates the synthesis of skin-tightening collagen to restore skin's youthful properties, increase elasticity and firmness, and even out surface texture.
  • Contains powerful antioxidants that target and neutralize the compounds responsible for skin damage and numerous signs of skin aging.
  • Quickly works into a rich, cooling lather that penetrates deep into pores to dissolve and remove oil, dirt, makeup, and other impurities.
  • Promotes optimal moisture balance to reinforce skin's natural protective barrier and leave it feeling lusciously soft and smooth.
  • Fortified with a blend of therapeutic anti-inflammatory botanical extracts that effectively relieve swelling and irritation.
  • Delivers dramatic results without harsh medicinal ingredients that can irritate or overdry skin, and can be used every day as part of a beautifying and anti-aging skincare regimen.

Sources To Support The Claims Made For Dermpura Skin Balancing Cleanser

Estudio del aceite de rosa mosqueta en cicatrices postquirúrgicas- Mónica Canellas1, Núria Espada1, Jose Manuel Ogalla; 2008, The role of natural ingredients in anti-ageing of the skin, Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Annual Congress, Hamilton Island; 2003, Essential Fatty Acids and Skin Health, Linus Pauling Institute Research Newsletter, Oregon State University, Comparison of conventional and supercritical CO2-extracted rosehip oil, J.M. del Valle, S. Bello, J. Thiel, A. Allen and L. Chordia; Brazilian J. Chem. Eng. vol.17 n.3, Sâo Paulo, Brazil; 2000, Lipid Mediators in Acne, Monica Ottaviani, Emanuela Camera, and Mauro Picardo; Laboratory of Cutaneous Physiopathology, San Gallicano Dermatological Institute IRCCS, Rome, Italy.

Purified Water (Aqua), Sodium Olivate, Glycerin, Rosa Rubiginosa (Rose Hip) Seed Oil, Eriobotrya Japonica Extract, Chondrus Crispus (Seaweed) Extract

Rosa Rubiginosa (Rose Hip) Seed Oil

This natural botanical oil contains high levels of vitamins. The vitamin A in rosehip seed oil stimulates collagen synthesis to improve elasticity and firmness. It also helps protect skin against environmental damage by making it better able to defend itself against pollution and free radicals. Vitamins C and E are potent antioxidants that can neutralize harmful compounds and prevent numerous signs of skin aging.

Sodium Olivate

Sodium olivate is a plant-powered surfactant that is responsible for the refreshing foaming action of skin-perfecting Dermpura. Derived from olives, it is a potent yet gentle cleansing agent that removes makeup and other impurities from pores and the skin's surface without leaving behind an oily residue or sticky film.


Glycerin's unique properties make it an ideal emollient and anti-aging compound. Its lasting hydrating effects can be explained by the fact that glycerin is capable of absorbing water from the air. In addition to combating dryness and roughness, glycerin penetrates into microscopic cracks and crevices on the skin surface to even out texture and maintain skin's natural protective barrier against the elements.

Eriobotrya Japonica Extract

This fruit extract is naturally enriched with a nutritive blend of vitamins and antioxidants that can combat oxidative stress and calm inflammation. Because it helps stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, it also has anti-aging effects. These include inhibiting the formation of and minimizing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, conditioning and softening skin, and making skin firmer and tighter.

Chondrus Crispus (Seaweed) Extract

Sourced from the sea, chondrus crispus extract is naturally infused with youth-enhancing nutrients that can make skin more radiant and healthy-looking. It has rejuvenating and ultra-conditioning effects that leave skin feeling refreshed and fully hydrated. Finally, its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe irritated areas while minimizing the accompanying redness and unsightly swelling.

Directions Of Use

Wet face with warm water. Lather a small amount of Dermpura in your hand and massage it onto your face in a circular motion. Use alone or in conjunction with your regular moisturizing products. Use caution around eye area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. For best results, use morning and night or as required. Use alone or in conjunction with a Solvaderm moisturizing product. Do not apply to broken skin. Recommended for use on all skin types.

*Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these statements and the supplement product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Remember to read our labels and ingredient lists carefully and follow the appropriate directions for use. If you have a specific allergy or sensitivity, do not use ingredients that may trigger a reaction. An allergy patch test is recommended if there is any doubt or history of skin reactions. Discontinue use if a reaction occurs.*

How to Use Dermpura

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  1. Super mild…

    Kate P. Age: 21-25

    My skin was red and sensitive and I just wanted a cleanser that is gentle. I was so happy to see this didn’t have any fragrance in it. I needed somethign that was super mild for my sensitive skin.

    Rating: 5
  2. Leaves skin clean not tight…

    Janice C. Age: 26-30

    I’d recommend going all the way and getting the entire line of skincare products because they allow each other to perform to do their job. You want to use this in a routine where each product supports each other. Because we never know how well a product will work together with a product form another brand. These products work beautifully together. This cleanser in particular is really really great. No perfumes, no dyes, very gentle, very simple. Cleanses just enough to get dirt and makeup off and leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry and tight.

    Rating: 5
  3. Doesn't irritate at all…love it…

    Marissa K. Age: 36-40

    It’s an incredible product. It’s a dream to use it doesn’t irritate my skin. I love it.

    Rating: 5
  4. Nourished and healthy feeling…

    Kali C. Age: 21-25

    My skin feels so nice after using this cleanser. Not dry or with any film on it. Just nourished and healthy feeling.

    Rating: 4
  5. Great gentle cleanser…

    Mel O. Age: 21-25

    This isn’t a stripped overdrying squeaky clean cleanse. It’s just a gentle great cleanser. My skin felt a sense of clean that I’ve never had before. It’s just a very refreshed, rejeuvenated feeling. I would definitely repurchase this.

    Rating: 5
  6. Love that it's so gentle and balancing…

    Angie B. Age: 21-25

    “I love this cleanser. It’s a makeup remover and cleanser in one. I love it so much it’s my second bottle. I like that it’s so gentle and balancing.
    This is a freaking bomb cleanser. Gently exfoliates but not overstripping or overdrying my skin. I’d say really good for dry or normal or even slightly combination skin.”

    Rating: 5
  7. Leaves my skin feeling bright and clean…

    Rachel G. Age: 21-25

    I’m loving this cleanser. It really helps to slough off any dead skin gently. It just leaves my skin feeling bright and clean.

    Rating: 5
  8. So gentle without irritating…

    Allison S. Age: 21-25

    This stuff is really really nice on my dry skin. I also have rosacea that flares up often. I haven’t had any flare ups since starting this cleanser. This is so gentle without irritating and drying out my skin.

    Rating: 5
  9. Cleanse twice for a deeper clean…

    Allyssa L. Age: 21-25

    “I wash my face with this every morning and every night. I cleanse twice for a deeper clean and this makes my skin so soft.”

    Rating: 5
  10. My skin feels so fresh and clean…

    Jill L. Age: 21-25

    I love love this cleanser. The ingredients are amazing, they make your skin feel so fresh and clean. I love that.

    Rating: 5
  11. Back to my normal skin again…

    Elizabeth V. Age: 31-35

    I absolutely love this cleanser. I got into perfume-free cleansers and found this online. I’m so glad I did. My skin has responded by balancing out. I don’t feel like Im dancing between too dry and too oily anymore. This cleanser have given me back my normal skin again. Preps skin beautifully for serums and makeup.

    Rating: 5
  12. My skin feels hydrated…

    Jossie S. Age: 21-25

    Removes dirt and makeup, doesn’t strip my skin, leaves my skin feeling hydrated and not stripped.

    Rating: 5
  13. Feels so good…

    Julia F. Age: 31-35

    My skin feels so good after cleansing with this. This is amazing, makes my skin feel plump and moisturized.

    Rating: 5
  14. My skin is brighter…

    Bethie V. Age: 21-25

    My skin looks so much brighter. This is so amazing for my dry and sensitive skin. No fragrance, nothing to irritate my skin but at the same time it helps keep the moisture in my skin and not down the drain.

    Rating: 5
  15. Calming to my rosacea redness…

    Grace N. Age: 31-35

    I have mild rosacea, and this cleanser has been amazingly calming to my redness. I definitely recommend for anyone with sensitive skin like mine, or normal to dry skin.

    Rating: 5
  16. Really great basic cleanser…

    Maria M. Age: 26-30

    This is a really great basic cleanser. It doesn’t have any harsh ingredients or actives that dry out the skin. It does a good job at prepping and cleansing the skin for serums and moisturizers that follow. This makes my skin feel cool and makes it feel like my pores each get cleaned out and shrink away.

    Rating: 5
  17. Very impressed…

    Lee R. Age: 31-35

    I swear my skin feels firmer after I use this. Firmer but not uncomfortably tight. Very impressed with this cleanser.

    Rating: 5
  18. Works great…

    Sandi R. Age: 21-25

    This doesn’t strip my skin. It’s very hydrating. I’ve used it to get face and eye makeup off before. It worked great for that too.

    Rating: 5
  19. My entire face looks awake, younger, and healthier…

    Jena M. Age: 31-35

    I used to use only all-natural products, but because I was so desperate to fix my skin, I was kinda looking for something that would marry natural, safe with performance and science and research behind it. I had been using natural products that used essential oils and that was actually irritating my skin a lot. Since I started using Solvaderm and this cleanser my skin isn’t red anymore. I’m not breaking out in rashes. My pores look smaller and my entire face looks awake, younger, and healthier.

    Rating: 5
  20. Moisturized and comfortable…

    Susan P. Age: 31-35

    When I pat dry my skin I don’t want it to feel tight I don’t want it to feel dry I want it to feel moisturized and comfortable and that’s how my skin feels when I use this cleanser.

    Rating: 5
  21. The more I use it the more I love it…

    Nina S. Age: 21-25

    When I first used this I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but the more I used it the more I love it. I think the reason I wasn’t sure about it was that I’ve never had a cleanser that didn’t immediately strip my skin and dry it out. I always felt like moisturizing or balancing cleansers didn’t clean m skin well enough either.
    It feels really nice on the skin. I always know a cleanser really works if it removes my lipstick.
    First I remove my makeup, then I go in with this balancing cleanser.

    Rating: 5
  22. Really nice and gentle…

    Juli T. Age: 21-25

    This is really nice and gentle. A lot of cleansers can just strip the oils off my skin but this is really really nice. I massage this in and use a washcloth to remove everything.

    Rating: 5
  23. Gentle and balancing…

    Lynn E. Age: 26-30

    I use this with my clarisonic brush to get my skin super clean, exfoliated and glowy without over drying. This would be really great for all skin types because it’s gentle and balancing.

  24. Gives me a smooth clean…

    Ann H. Age: 21-25

    I have dry mature skin and I use this morning and evening. I’m very happy with this cleanser because it gives me smooth clean skin. My pores don’t’ look as big after I cleanse.

    Rating: 5
  25. My skin is now less inflamed and less irritated…

    Erin H. Age: 31-35

    The one word I would use to describe my feedback of this cleanser is “BALANCE”. My skin is now less inflamed and less irritated. Thank you for helping establish balance in my skin again!

    Rating: 5
  26. My skin is now normal!…

    Margaret H. Age: 21-25

    I don’t wear much makeup so I honestly didn’t think I needed a cleanser. Turns out, this cleanser is actually helping maintain moisture and balance out my skin. My skin is now “normal”!

    Rating: 5
  27. A gentle clean…

    Karla M. Age: 31-35

    Doesn’t feel drying. Very lightweight hydrading cleanser. Not stripping at all, but still leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight squeaky clean, if you know what I mean. A gentle clean. A+ from me.

  28. My skin looks and feels wonderful…

    Maria L. Age: 21-25

    I really love this cleanser and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cleanser to balance out your skin. It’s rich and soothing and my skin feels boosted after I use this. My skin looks and feels wonderful.

    Rating: 5
  29. Puts moisture back into my skin…

    Dianna P. Age: 36-40

    This cleanser feels so good on the skin. This is the perfect cleanser to deep cleanse and balance out the oils. I use this in my double cleanse routine and it puts moisture back into my skin.

    Rating: 5
  30. Wonderful daily cleanser…

    CJ B. Age: 31-35

    This is a wonderful and gentle daily cleanser for morning and night. Very happy with it.

    Rating: 5
  31. Gentle and balancing…

    Marie T. Age: 31-35

    This is such an easy cleanser, to get rid of all the make up and impurities but it’s not stripping and not an aggressive deep cleanser. Gentle and balancing like it says.

    Rating: 5
  32. Mild and lightweight cleanser…

    Anna-Kate W. Age: 26-30

    This is a more sophisticated anti-aging cleanser. This doesn’t feel like any other cleanser I’ve tried before. leaves me with a radiant youthful glow. Anyone can use this cleanser – good for all skin types because it’s very mild and lightweight. It’s helped reduce my rosacea redness and it’s not irritating at all.

    Rating: 5
  33. Perfect for sensitive skin…

    Ginger C. Age: 21-25

    This cleanser is the perfect cleanser for my dry sensitive skin. It’s not drying, doesn’t aggravate my rosacea, doesn’t make my skin flake or peel or feel tight after using it. It takes my makeup off and makes my skin feel more balanced.

    Rating: 5
  34. Hydrated and refreshed skin….

    Ellen D. Age: 26-30

    I didn’t think I would need a cleanser for my mature skin, but since I started using this, I’m kicking myself for not using it sooner. My skin looks and feels more hydrated and refreshed.

    Rating: 5
  35. Cooling and balanced skin…

    Carrie J. Age: 36-40

    So often foaming cleansers strip out all moisture from my skin and actually irritate my skin and leave it red and a little itchy, but this one doesn’t do that! Its cooling as I massage it in, and leavs my skin feeling really balanced. Not tight at all. No redness or irritation at all. Great moisturizer for all skin types I would say!

    Rating: 5
  36. This gets everything off…

    Sarah B. Age: 31-35

    This takes off every single bit of makeup. With other cleansers I would always go in with a double cleanse. But this gets everything off. Then I do the rest of my skincare after this. Really enjoy this product. So affordable.

    Rating: 5
  37. Face gets clean but not tight…

    Mary O Age: 21-25

    I love the cooling sensation I get with this cleanser. It also foams up nicely and is easy to massage in. My skin feels really clean but not tight at all. It’s the perfect cleanser for me!

    Rating: 5
  38. Really gentle and removes makeup…

    Louise H. Age: 31-35

    I’ve been so happy with this cleanser. I used to not cleanse my skin because it would dry my face out so much. This cleanser doesn’t dry my skin out at all, and it’s really gentle. It also gets all traces of makeup off my face at the end of the day.

    Rating: 5
  39. Doesn't irritate…

    Sonna B. Age: 31-35

    Not irritating or drying at all…actually, very calming. Doesn’t irritate my eyes or lips at all, and is great at getting makeup off at the end of the day. Will repurchase!

    Rating: 5
  40. Perfect for normal to dry skin…

    Michelina P. Age: 26-30

    This cleanser is perfect for my normal to dry skin. It doesn’t strip everything out of my skin…I can tell it balances it out. My skin feels fresh and clean and hydrated.

    Rating: 5
  41. So impressed with the whole system..

    Jacquie M. Age: 26-30

    Ive been using this wit the other products to lighten my age spots and sun spots. I’m so impressed with the whole system. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry. Perfect for my sensitive skin.

    Rating: 5
  42. My skin feels lifted and toned…

    Tracey G. Age: 31-35

    I was always on the hunt for a cleanser to shrink my pores and was gentle on “mature” skin. I’ve found it! Ever since I started using this my skin feels lifted and toned and my pores are almost invisible.

    Rating: 5
  43. My redness is gone…

    Cierra G. Age: 41-45

    I like to know I’m using a product that works to build healthy skin from the inside out. I’ve only been using this for a week, but I can already tell a difference in the tone and color of my skin. My redness is gone and my skin doesn’t feel parched after it dries. Very nice cleanser!

    Rating: 5
  44. Very gentle…

    Gloria G. Age: 36-40

    Makes my skin feel soft, pampered, and moisturized, and CLEAN. It’s very gentle on my “mature” skin.

    Rating: 5
  45. Lather's up nicely…

    Tina N. Age: 31-35

    I use this every day and really love how it cleans and balances out my skin. A little goes a long way – you don’t need much because this lathers up nicely. I use it on its own or with a facial brush.

    Rating: 5
  46. This is IT!

    Moyra V. Age: 21-25

    Great cleanser for dry skin. Everyone looks for the cleanser that doesn’t strip moisture but actually cleans the skin. This is IT! My makeup washes away completely but my skin isn’t left with that uncomfortably tight dry feeling.

    Rating: 5
  47. Super deep clean…

    Keisha T. Age: 46-50

    I feel like my skin is super deep clean when I use this. It gets all of my makeup off, and I love the smell!

    Rating: 5
  48. Great cleanser even for sensitive skin…

    Simone S. Age: 36-40

    This has been such a great cleanser for my sensitive skin. My skin feels soft and refreshed and not stripped of moisture.

    Rating: 5
  49. Seeing a difference…

    Sarah B. Age: 36-40

    I just love how well this deeps cleans, you can not only feel it, but you can see it.

    Rating: 5
  50. Playing favorites…

    Emily I. Age: 31-35

    When it comes to cleansers I am really picky. I must say this is my absolute favorite!

    Rating: 5
  51. Feeling clean…

    Amelia S. Age: 36-40

    My absolute favorite cleanser. I just love how clean it makes my skin look and feel.

    Rating: 5
  52. Daily use…

    Margerie C. Age: 46-50

    My skin looks and feels better every day I use this!

    Rating: 5
  53. Deeply clean…

    Mari F. Age: 41-45

    Cleans really deep. I never feel like I have any makeup residue on my skin after I cleanse with this.

    Rating: 5
  54. Clear, clean and bright…

    Pearson H. Age: 31-35

    My skin has really changed since using this..I now have clear, clean and bright skin!

    Rating: 5
  55. Cleaning deep…

    Pamela E. Age: 31-35

    Nothing compares to this cleanser, it works so well and cleans so deeply.

    Rating: 5
  56. Can't compare…

    Davina O. Age: 31-35

    Best cleanser! I have never used anything that has made my skin look and feel so clean.

    Rating: 5
  57. Clean and radiant…

    Lizzi V. Age: 36-40

    Has totally helped to transform my skin! I love how clean my skin feels and how radiant my skin looks.

    Rating: 5
  58. Deeply clean…

    Marta K. Age: 46-50

    My skin is so much more clear and bright since using this cleanser. I just feel it deep cleaning when I’m washing my face!

    Rating: 5
  59. Clearing it up…

    Denise C. Age: 41-45

    This cleanser has brought back the balance to my skin. Prior to using this, I would deal with dry patches or breakouts, unevenness, etc. After I started using Dermpura as my cleanser, my skin has cleared up and is really firm, radiant and bright!

    Rating: 5
  60. Brought back to life!…

    Rylee G. Age: 36-40

    My skin looks it’s best when I’m using this cleanser. It has really healed my skin and brought it back to life.

    Rating: 5
  61. All in one…

    Marilyn C. Age: 46-50

    My skin feels so much more moisturized and supple. This cleanser really is an all in one cleanser, it cleanses and treats my skin all in one.

    Rating: 5
  62. Even and firm…

    Lorrie S. Age: 36-40

    Has really helped my skin become more even and firm.

    Rating: 5
  63. Brighter every time…

    Zara D. Age: 36-40

    Brightens up my skin after every use!

    Rating: 5
  64. Bright and Beautiful!…

    Victoria W. Age: 26-30

    So awesome! This cleanser has totally changed my skin for the better. Looks so bright after each use!

    Rating: 5
  65. Deep cleans!..

    Tori W. Age: 31-35

    My favorite! I really feel this deep cleaning the minute it hits my skin.

    Rating: 5
  66. Beautiful change…

    Sadie V. Age: 31-35

    This cleanser deep cleans and really exfoliates. After each use I really see my skin firmer, brighter and more supple. I love it!

    Rating: 5
  67. Firm and fresh…

    Tori W. Age: 41-45

    My skin looks so firm and fresh after cleansing with this!

    Rating: 5
  68. So bright…

    Jess W. Age: 36-40

    Best cleanser I have found on the market. Love how deep this cleanses and leaves my skin feeling bright all day long!

    Rating: 5
  69. Deep clean!…

    Liz A. Age: 21-25

    You can just feel this cleanser deep cleaning. I just love how rejuvenated my skin looks after each use!

    Rating: 5
  70. Brighter and firmer…

    Lora R. Age: 31-35

    The best cleanser I have ever used on my skin. My skin is so much more firm and bright after using for just a short time. I love it!

    Rating: 5
  71. Less sensitive…

    Gina B. Age: 31-35

    Best cleanser I have found for my sensitive skin. After using it for a while my skin has actually become much more radiant and less sensitive. I love it!

    Rating: 5
  72. Soft and radiant!…

    Natalie W. Age: 36-40

    This cleanser is gentle, yet cleanses so deeply. It makes my skin look and feel so soft and radiant! I would highly recommend trying this.

    Rating: 5
  73. Works on my sensitive skin…

    Nikki A. Age: 26-30

    I have skin that reacts to anything. When I first started using this cleanser, I was relieved to see it didn’t irritate my skin. After cleansing my skin looks so radiant. I also love the way this cleanser feels on my skin!

    Rating: 5
  74. Number 1!…

    Natalie W. Age: 36-40

    I love the way it makes my skin look and feel. Best cleanser I have ever used!

    Rating: 5
  75. Works on my sensitive skin…

    Jaime Age: 26-30

    This product does wonders for my sensitive skin. It really deep cleans. Since using this product, my skin looks and feels a lot better.

    Rating: 5
  76. Fresh and clean…

    Xime G. Age: 31-35

    So refreshing and really deep cleans. I use this morning and night and love it.

    Rating: 5
  77. Never go back…

    Lynn O. Age: 21-25

    I use this product every day and will never use another cleanser again. This cleanser truly does it all and my skin feels so refreshed! I am amazed at how this one product cleanses but also resurfaces my skin. It is an all in one cleanser and I love it!

    Rating: 5
  78. Me favorite!

    Amy H. Age: 31-35

    This is my favorite cleanser! My skin feels so clean and firm after use and my skincare and makeup just simply glide on.

    Rating: 5
  79. Do what it says…

    Lyra K. Age: 41-45

    I use this everyday to remove the dirt of the day from my pores and it doesn’t irritate my skin.

    Rating: 5
  80. Perfect feeling!

    Livia E. Age: 31-35

    I love the way this product foams on my skin and my skin feels so clean after using it.

    Rating: 5
  81. Great price.

    Sharon T. Age: 21-25

    I highly recommend this cleanser that leaves your skin feeling clean not stripped. Reasonably priced too!

  82. Works great for all skin types.

    Sally K. Age: 36-40

    For once, a cleanser that does not cause breakouts or irritates my skin. Sure balances my combination skin!

  83. Cleared up my skin in 2 days

    Ruth C. Age: 31-35

    This is the best facial cleanser ever! I never had a break out of acne since I started using this product. Sure has me hooked!

    Rating: 5
  84. Reduces oil and shine

    Elvina T. Age: 21-25

    It is so gentle! My skin looks a lot better since I started to use this product. I have bad combination skin but Solvaderm products sure helped a lot!

    Rating: 5
  85. My skin looks great!

    Eula B. Age: 26-30

    In a little under a week and I noticed a way lot of difference on my skin. Removes my make up and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth.

    Rating: 5
  86. This face wash is amazing!!!

    Melisa W. Age: 21-25

    DermPura is so amazing! Just used it for one week and my skin has become clear and blemish-free. Foams up nicely, too.

    Rating: 5
  87. Nice and clean

    Martha L. Age: 21-25

    After using so many other cleansers, only Dermpura gets the job done. Leaves my skin soft and comfortable. I love it!

    Rating: 5
  88. Non-drying, effective

    Jessica P. Age: 31-35

    Dermpura lathers up and leaves my skin clean but not dry compared to a lot of cleansers I used before. Believe me, a small amount goes a long way!

    Rating: 5
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