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Anti-Aging Eye Rejuvenation Treatment

Professional Strength

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Cosmetic Dermatology

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Eyevage is a multi-action age-defying cream developed by leading dermatologists to address the varied and complex issues that most commonly affect the look of mature skin in the eye area. Concentrated anti-aging cream penetrates quickly to deliver the appearance of improved micro-circulation in the under-eye zone. Advanced firming complex is infused with healing antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to soothe skin and render it better protected from environmental damage and oxidative stress. Ultra-conditioning moisturizers provide intensive skin-softening hydration while revitalizing and invigorating the entire eye contour to make it appear visibly brighter, captivatingly radiant, and radically younger-looking.



Paraben freePerfume freePROFESSIONAL STRENGTH

Eyevage is a clinically perfected eye rejuvenation treatment that works wonders on mature or problem skin. This quick-absorbing cream glides on and perfects the appearance and composition of the eye contour in the following ways:

  • Delivers similar beautifying effects as improvedmicro-circulation in capillaries, which include mobilizing accumulated fluid, improving brightness and luminosity,and fading areas of discoloration and dark circles
  • Acts as a potent anti-inflammatory to address problem areas often seen on the surface of mature skin
  • Deeply moisturizers and enhances eye area skin to reduce the appearance of multiple signs of skin aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, and crow's feet
  • Exerts a significant firming and tightening effect to improve skin tone and give the eye contour a bright and youthfully radiant appearance
  • Protects skin with extraordinary antioxidants that neutralize harmful compounds such as free radicals that can cause skin damage and other changes that make skin look older
  • Quenches delicate eye area skin prone to dehydration with nutrient-infused conditioners to make it look smoother, softer, and healthier

Sources To Support The Claims Made For Eyevage Intensive Eye Repair Cream

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Purified Water (Aqua), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid, Phytonadione, Arnica Montana Extract, Oxido Reductases, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein, Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein, Laureth-7, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Polyacrylamide, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Eriobotrya Japonica Extract.


This skin-perfecting form of vitamin K accelerates healing and repair. It has the unique ability to fade and lessen the severity of bruising, which makes it an effective solution for minimizing the appearance of dark circles and discoloration in the under-eye area. This clinically researched ingredient can also boost apparent elasticity to make skin look firmer and more toned while minimizing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

Arnica Montana Extract

An all-natural botanical extract, arnica montana supplements the restorative properties of vitamin K. It is a skin-calming anti-inflammatory that directly targets tissues in the eye area to help eliminate the unsightly properties associated with mature skin. This key ingredient also accelerates skin's natural recovery and renewal process following exposure to a variety of potentially damaging environmental stressors.

Oxido Reductases

These active enzymes promote vigorous antioxidant activity to preserve skin's overall health and combat the numerous cellular changes that contribute to the appearance of skin aging. Antioxidants limit the amount of oxidative stress placed on skin to minimize or prevent damage due to exposure to harmful free radicals found in the environment.

Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein and Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein

This dual botanical peptide complex enhances micro-circulation in the skin surrounding the eye. Comprised of purified soy and rice proteins, this professional strength preparation corrects inadequate circulation in and leakage from skin capillaries in the sensitive under-eye area. The end result is a brighter, refreshed, and more vibrant eye contour.

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

This plant-derived ingredient is a luxurious emollient with quick-absorbing properties. Non-irritating and suitable for all skin types, jojoba seed oil provides hydration to dry skin and also enhances the skin's natural ability to retain moisture. Its therapeutic compounds soothe and calm irritation and inflammation.

Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil

Rich in nutritive fatty acids, this botanical oil helps fortify skin with a protective barrier that seals in moisture. Apricot kernel oil is also packed with vitamins and antioxidants that defend skin against environmental damage and structural degradation due to exposure to free radicals. This all-natural extract promotes optimal overall skin health.


This moisturizing extract has a silky, non-oily texture and does not clog pores. A highly effective skin-balancing compound, squalane provides intense hydration to leave skin dewy and soft. Its ability to penetrate deeply into skin is what gives squalane its apparent skin restoring and enhancing properties.

Hyaluronic Acid

A highly sought after skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid is an ultra-light hydrating compound that works to help restore skin's youthful composition and properties. Thanks to its softening effects, hyaluronic acid can make skin feel suppler, enhance skin texture, and make signs of aging less noticeable.

Eriobotrya Japonica Extract

A nutrient-rich, fruit-based balm, eriobotrya japonica extract is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that can address the issues commonly affecting mature skin in the under-eye area. Its ability to soften skin and improve the appearance of firmness makethis key component of the Eyevage formulation a remarkable skin rejuvenator.

*Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these statements and the supplement product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Remember to read our labels and ingredient lists carefully and follow the appropriate directions for use. If you have a specific allergy or sensitivity, do not use ingredients that may trigger a reaction. An allergy patch test is recommended if there is any doubt or history of skin reactions. Discontinue use if a reaction occurs.*

Directions Of Use

After washing your face, use a pea-sized amount of Eyevage and dab around each eye, following the orbital bone (eye socket). Apply morning and before bed every day to protect, nourish and maintain hydration.

Important Dispensing Directions - This Product Uses An Airless Pump

This product has an airless pump dispenser which uses a vacuum system to dispense the product. When using your airless pump for the first time, you will need to prime the container by pumping out excess air. To prime your pump, cover the opening where the product comes out of with a finger and at the same time pump slowly about 10-15 times. This will help to push extra air out and get the pump working correctly or "jumpstarted". If at anytime your air pump stops working, simply repeat the priming process.

*Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these statements and the supplement product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Remember to read our labels and ingredient lists carefully and follow the appropriate directions for use. If you have a specific allergy or sensitivity, do not use ingredients that may trigger a reaction. An allergy patch test is recommended if there is any doubt or history of skin reactions. Discontinue use if a reaction occurs.*

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  1. Light and smoothing…

    Laura B. Age: 26-30

    I love this eye cream. It’s light and smoothing. The bottle is also really pretty to have on my bathroom counter 🙂

    Rating: 5
  2. Great cream…solid product…

    Julie V. Age: 31-35

    This has been a great moisturizing cream. Doesn’t get shiny or oily looking, very hydrating, doesn’t make my makeup cake or melt away. Solid product!

    Rating: 5
  3. Not greasy or thick…

    Tam L. Age: 31-35

    This eye cream isn’t irritating at all. Not greasy or thick either. It definitely brightens and makes lines less visible.

    Rating: 5
  4. Fragrance free, and very very gentle…

    Patricia K. Age: 26-30

    Fragrance free, and very very gentle.

    Rating: 5
  5. Gentle and really hudrating…

    Michelle B. Age: 21-25

    I’ve been using eye creams since I was in my 20s and I’ve tried a ton of them. I really love that this is gentle and really hydrating, but also not irritating at all. My eyes look lifted and smoother.

    Rating: 4
  6. Really enjoying it…

    Lori J. Age: 46-50

    Great eye cream. Not heavy or greasy, but slightly reflective and brightening. I’m in my 50s and really enjoying it. Great product and I would highly recommend.

    Rating: 4
  7. This stuff is incredible…

    Nina M. Age: 26-30

    “This really helps with my dark under eye circles, but also helps with my fine lines and keeps my skin hydrated. Doesn’t interact with my under eye concealer. For the longest time I would find eye creams that would make my concealer and foundation around my eyes look cakey or slip away. But this stuff is incredible. Completely absorbs into my skin. I’ve definitely noticed a huge difference in the fine lines under my eyes and I feel like the area looks less sunken in and just tighter. I slather it all around my eyes. This has also helped with the texture on my eyelids.”

    Rating: 5
  8. Preventative and helped with dark circles…

    Ashley G. Age: 21-25

    I love using this eye cream as a preventative and treatment for the wrinkles around my eyes. I use this every single night. It has also helped with my dark circles.

    Rating: 4
  9. Skin looks thicker…

    Shawna J. Age: 31-35

    The skin around my eyes is very thin. I love this under and on top of my eyes. It’s moisturizing and my skin looks thicker around my eyes.

    Rating: 5
  10. Working great for me…

    Addison H. Age: 26-30

    This is working great for me. I have crepiness and creases under my eyes. I’m really pleased with how this has helped my bags and creasing around my eyes.

    Rating: 5
  11. Very gentle, very moisturizing…

    Heather B. Age: 21-25

    Very nice, very moisturizing, very gentle. Very li ght. This is what I love in this eye cream, especially that it doesn’t react to my under eye concealer or other eye makeup. My eyes look softer and lifted.

    Rating: 5
  12. Love how it feels light and whipped…

    Alexandra C. Age: 31-35

    I really like this eye cream because of how light and whipped it feels. It sinks in quickly and instantly brightens my eyes and smooths my entire eye area.

    Rating: 5
  13. My eyes look lifted and awake…

    Cindy N. Age: 36-40

    I have really hooded eyes, and after a couple months of using this eye cream daily, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my hooded eyes. There doesn’t seem to be as much flesh holding my eyelids down. My eyes look lifted and much more awake. So wonderful. Exactly what I need from an eye cream.

    Rating: 5
  14. Totally worth the investment…

    Eliza M. Age: 31-35

    This is the perfect eye cream in my opinion. It’s light, it sinks in quickly, doesn’t slick off or slide off with makeup, and it fills in those tiny lines around my eyes. A+ on this eye cream Totally worth the investment.

    Rating: 5
  15. Really good for my dry undereyes…

    Suzy D. Age: 36-40

    I apply this all over my crows feet area. I get great hydration from it. Really good for my dry under eyes too.

    Rating: 5
  16. Amazing ingredients and amazing glow…

    Liz W. Age: 31-35

    I love this eye cream. It has become such a staple in my routine. This is illuminating. I really like his for the daytime. It has amazing ingredients and it makes your eyes have this glow. Instantly blurs fine lines and just makes everything look so smooth. I love it under makeup.

    Rating: 5
  17. I'm ecstatic…

    Beth R. Age: 21-25

    This eye cream really lifts and tightens around my eye area. I’m ecstatic with my results!

    Rating: 5
  18. Smoother and less wrinkly…

    Marge K. Age: 36-40

    Great eye cream. My eye lids and around my eyes looks smoother and less wrinkly.

    Rating: 5
  19. Huge improvement under my eyes…

    Paula E. Age: 31-35

    This made a huge improvement to my dark circles under my eyes, and some of my fine lines around my eyes disappeared.

    Rating: 5
  20. More awake and more youthful…

    Bekka E. Age: 26-30

    My eyes look bigger, brighter, more awake and more youthful. I love applying this eye cream!

    Rating: 5
  21. I look more awake…

    Eve C. Age: 31-35

    This is a GREAT eye cream. I’ve been getting comments from my friends who say I look more awake. It’s because I’ve been using this for several months now. It’s fabulous.

  22. Lines and wrinkles smoothing away…

    Miranda E. Age: 31-35

    I see my lines and wrinkles shrinking and smoothing. Amazing!

    Rating: 5
  23. So nourishing and hydrating…

    Molly S. Age: 26-30

    This is so nourishing and hydrating to my eyes. This works great under makeup and doesn’t cause clogged pores or cakey undereyes.

    Rating: 5
  24. This is amazing…

    Kirsten H. Age: 41-45

    I’ve used lots of eye creams and this tops them all. This is amazing. Lovely cream base, no shimmers or sparkles, absorbs immediately, truly makes my under eyes lifted and everything just lays so beautifully on it. Blends right into my skin and lifts.

    Rating: 5
  25. The best I've used…

    Jen R. Age: 21-25

    This eye cream is the best I’ve used for moisturizing around my eyes. Which makes my fine lines and crows feet a lot less visible. It absorbs quickly keeps my eyes plump and hydrated all day.

    Rating: 5
  26. Makes me look younger…

    Shelley D. Age: 36-40

    This truly worked to get rid of the crepey skin around my eyes and eyelids. It also made a difference in the dark circles I had under my eyes. My circles were puffy an obvious bluish brownish yellowish color. Since starting this, my dark circles have reduced a lot, which makes me look younger.

    Rating: 5
  27. I'm so happy with it…

    Abigail S. Age: 26-30

    Smoothes everything out and looks great under makeup. I’m happy with it so far!

    Rating: 5
  28. My eyes look younger and smoother…

    Robin M. Age: 31-35

    Wrinkles, crepey skin, dry undereyes, dark circles, you name it, I had it before trying this. This eye treatment has been the remedy to a multitude of issues I had around my eyes. Now my eyes look younger and brighter and smoother. OF course my deeper wrinkles aren’t completely gone, but I’ve noticed a big improvement.

    Rating: 5
  29. Essential part of my skincare routine…

    Michela G. Age: 36-40

    Essential part of my skincare routine. This eye cream is velvety and brightening.

    Rating: 5
  30. Won't go a day without applying this…

    Jennifer H. Age: 31-35

    Makes my eyes look bright and awake immediately. Won’t go a day without applying this around my eyes!

    Rating: 5
  31. Gentle and really smoothing…

    Amy L. Age: 26-30

    “I put it on every night and every morning.
    Sometimes, like if I’m on a long flight or watching a movie, I apply it really thick around my eyes like an eye mask. I love it because it’s gentle but really smoothing.”

    Rating: 5
  32. Brightens and firms…

    Yvette M. Age: 21-25

    This is a lightly hydrating eye treatment. I really massage it in to boost circulation and it brightens and firms and hydrates beautifully.

    Rating: 5
  33. Improvement in tightness and moisture…

    Carin-Ann T. Age: 31-35

    I have really sensitive eyes. Bought this 2 months ago. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the tightness and moisture around my eyes. I would definitely recommend this. I will definitely be repurchasing this.

    Rating: 5
  34. Makes my eyes look hydrated…

    Judith B. Age: 31-35

    Makes my eyes look hydrated and looks great under concealer. My eyes don’t look as puffy anymore.

    Rating: 5
  35. My eyes feel soft and silky smooth…

    Cherylanne M. Age: 26-30

    This isn’t too heavy or too thick. My eyes feel soft and silky and smooth.

    Rating: 5
  36. Super mild, super gentle…

    Joan B. Age: 21-25

    Super mild, super gentle. Sinks in quickly and makes my eyes look awake and brighter.

    Rating: 5
  37. Using this every day and night…

    Mary L. Age: 36-40

    I have really dark circles and bags under my eyes. This product just works so well in helping get rid of my issues. I’m happy to continue using this every day and night to fight against eye aging.

    Rating: 5
  38. Brightens and softens…

    Danielle C. Age: 31-35

    This brightens and softens around my eyes. This works amazing under makeup as well. It doesn’t compete with my eye makeup or concealers.

    Rating: 5
  39. Working wonders on crows feet…

    Julia W. Age: 26-30

    This is my tried and true eye treatment. It’s been working wonders on my crows feet, and it also illuminates and brightens my eyes so I look younger and more awake.

    Rating: 5
  40. My eyes feel soft and smooth…

    Rachel M. Age: 21-25

    First off, I love eye creams. I have extreme dryness around my eyes and this is so effective in treating that. My eyes feel soft and smooth.

    Rating: 5
  41. This eye treatment made my eye lines disappear…

    Judy E. Age: 36-40

    I’ve used an eye cream for as long as I can remember to help avoid wrinkles around my eyes. This one takes the cake for effectiveness though. Even though my lines weren’t deep, this eye treatment made them completely disappear. I’m VERY happy with my results and I’ll be repurchasing!

    Rating: 5
  42. Seeing a huge difference…

    Kay F. Age: 31-35

    I’ve been looking for a treatment for my hooded eyes for years. It makes my eyes look dull and tired and makes me look older. I’ve been using this for the past month and I’m already seeing a huge difference. My eye skin is lifted, my undereyes are smoother, and it actually looks like I had a brow lift!

    Rating: 5
  43. My crows feet have smoothed out…

    Jan B. Age: 26-30

    I feel like I can’t apply this eye cream ENOUGH. I had pretty bad crows feet but then I started using this twice, sometimes three times a day, and the crows feet have smoothed out. Plus the dark circles and bags under my eyes have reduced and disappeared. I’m so happy with this treatment!

    Rating: 5
  44. This is my new favorite…

    Kathleen R. Age: 21-25

    For the first time ever I’ve looked in the mirror in the morning and thought “I don’t look tired” Ive never had that with any other eye cream. This is my new favorite!

    Rating: 5
  45. Makes my eye skin look thicker and fuller…

    Adelaide D. Age: 36-40

    My eye area looks so smooth and young again. The skin around and under my eyes used to look so thin and creepy. Using this eye cream makes the skin look thicker and plumper and more full.

    Rating: 5
  46. I've reversed my dark circles…

    Arleen G. Age: 36-40

    My under eye circles were getting worse each year. It stopped it in its tracks when I started using this I cream. Not only have the dark circles stopped getting worse, I’ve been able to reverse them and reduce them with this eye cream.

    Rating: 5
  47. Will repurchase!…

    Judy P. Age: 26-30

    My eyes look vibrant and awake again! Will repurchase!

    Rating: 5
  48. Less puffy eyes…

    Beth M. Age: 21-25

    I love this eye cream. I have smoother, softer and less puffy eyes.

    Rating: 5
  49. Really delivers amazing results…

    Julia W. Age: 36-40

    This eye cream really delivers amazing results. This smoothed out the very visible lines around my eyes and the furrows that appeared under my eyes. My I can even apply it and tap over my makeup for a refreshed eye look during the day.

    Rating: 5
  50. Smooths out my fragile skin…

    Annie V. Age: 31-35

    Smooths out my fragile thin skin under my eyes. It looks less translucent and a little bit thicker if that makes sense. Really love this eye cream, and I love the dispenser! It pumps out the perfect amount of eye cream each time.

    Rating: 5
  51. Skin always feels soft and smooth…

    Anne G. Age: 26-30

    I definitely see a difference in the lines and wrinkles on the outside and under my eyes. My makeup doesn’t gather in my creases like it used to, and the skin around my eyes always feels soft and smooth.

    Rating: 5
  52. No more swollen puffy eyes…

    Emily B. Age: 21-25

    This is a beautiful velvety texture that sinks into of the skin quickly. I just love applying this morning and night. It has really hydrated my undereye area and has brightened and reduced the puffiness of my dark circles. My eyes used to looks swollen and puffy, but now the wrinkles around my eyes look so much smoother and lifted.

    Rating: 5
  53. Really great eye cream…

    Karlene D. Age: 26-30

    Really great eye cream because it sinks in quickly and bounces the light away from the eyes and gives a sort of subtle highlight around the eyes to make me look younger and brighter. Really love this eye cream.

    Rating: 5
  54. No more dry undereyes…

    Kendie B. Age: 31-35

    I hate when I get dry undereyes from my concealer or other products, and that has stopped since I started using this eye cream. My eyes look and feel smoother, and the fine lines and crows feet are barely noticeable.

    Rating: 5
  55. My eyes look lifted and awake…

    Nelina J. Age: 26-30

    My eyes look imediately lifted and awake. I have hooded eyes and having them lifted makes a big difference in me looking younger.

    Rating: 5
  56. My eyes thank me for the moisture…

    Allison G. Age: 21-25

    Because I don’t use much with each application, this bottle will last me forever! My eyes especially my undereyes are thanking me for the moisture, and the dark circles disappear immediately. I love this eye cream and I love the dispenser!

    Rating: 5
  57. Very impressed…

    Melita W. Age: 41-45

    The skin around my eyes was so dry before I started using this. What a huge difference this eye cream makes with the dryness and wrinkles around my eyes. I’m very impressed with how quickly it works and deeply it sinks in so it lasts day and night.

    Rating: 5
  58. Brightens immediately…

    Barb P. Age: 36-40

    I have under eye dark circles and discoloration around my eyes. This brightens immediately and it’s a really light, velvety texture.

    Rating: 5
  59. Reduces puffiness around my eyes…

    Beverly N. Age: 31-35

    Reduced the puffiness around my eyes right away. I put it on in an upward motion around my eyes and it smooths and moisturizes beautifully.

    Rating: 5
  60. Brightens and opens up my eyes…

    Judith H. Age: 21-25

    It brightens up my eyes and opens up my eyes a lot. I’ve been using it nonstop and seeing great results!

    Rating: 5
  61. I look more awake…

    Danna A. Age: 41-45

    I love this pump – it disperses the perfect amount of eye cream A little of this goes a long way and this bottle has lasted me forever. But the best part is how much more awake I look when I pat this in every morning. My eyes all the way up to my brow bone look lifted and smooth, and my eye makeup glides on beautifully over top.

    Rating: 5
  62. Everything is smoothing and plumping…

    Shannon B. Age: 36-40

    This eye cream locks in moisture around my eyes. I use it morning and night and I really love the changes I’m seeing in the fine lines and even freckling around my eyes. Everything is smoothing out and plumping up!

    Rating: 5
  63. I look more awake…

    Valerie N. Age: 31-35

    This eye cream is working wonders on smoothing out the crows feet around my eyes and also lifting my hooded eyes to make me look more awake. I’ve never loved an eye cream this much! Wow!

    Rating: 5
  64. I love the texture of this eye cream…

    Keri-Lynn P. Age: 26-30

    I’ve always had dark bags under my eyes and I always relied on layers of concealer to cover it up. I recently started using this eye treatment though, and I’m so happy I did! I love the texture of this eye cream. My dark circles are brightening up and my bags are depuffing thanks to this cream. Now I go several days a week without wearing any undereye concealer!

    Rating: 5
  65. I'm repurchasing…

    Tara S. Age: 26-30

    I’ve gone through one bottle of this – it lasted me almost a year. I’m repurchasing because it lifted my eyes and made my entire face look younger. Love this!

    Rating: 5
  66. Brightens and lifts dark circles…

    Jodie R. Age: 36-40

    This softens the crepey skin around my eyes and moisturizes nicely. Brightens and lifts my dark circles too. Very happy with it so far!

    Rating: 5
  67. My eyes are lifted and brighter…

    Clara H. Age: 31-35

    The packaging is beautiful. This pump is perfect. My results have been amazing too. My eyes look lifted and brighter, and I look more awake.

    Rating: 5
  68. Exactly what I hoped for…

    Michelle R. Age: 21-25

    I’m very happy with how this is smoothing out the fine lines around my eyes. Exactly what I hoped for.

    Rating: 5
  69. Really brightens…worth repurchase…

    Clara H. Age: 36-40

    Really love this eye cream. It’s light and absorbs quickly. A little goes a long way. And it really brightens my eyes. I’ve just ordered my second bottle.

    Rating: 5
  70. My problems disappear…

    Sandra F. Age: 26-30

    I put this on and my little crows feet and terrible dark circles disappear instantly. Does exacty what it says it does. Amazing!

    Rating: 5
  71. Like youth in a bottle…

    Terri P. Age: 31-35

    My eyes look so much brighter and I look so much more awake. It’s like youth in a bottle. Thank you!

    Rating: 5
  72. Goodbye crepey skin…

    Winette M. Age: 21-25

    Goodbye crepey skin under my eyes! I put this on morning and night, and my undereyes stay smooth and moist, even under my concealer.

    Rating: 5
  73. A little goes a lot way…

    Cindy M. Age: 36-40

    A little goes a long way…love the pump!

    Rating: 5
  74. Light cream, big impact…

    Jan V. Age: 21-25

    Very light cream, but big impact. The lines around my eyes plump right up!

    Rating: 5
  75. Softening, and very gentle…

    Liz P. Age: 31-35

    Super moisturizing and softening, and very gentle. I like the effects so far and will keep using it daily.

    Rating: 5
  76. Very, very nice eye cream…

    Barb N. Age: 26-30

    Makes the fine lines around my eyes disappear, and makes me look awake because of the brightening in the cream. Not irritating at all. Very, very nice eye cream.

    Rating: 5
  77. No more puffy eyes…

    Dianne H. Age: 36-40

    Highly recommend this eye cream! My eyes look lifted and smooth – not puffy, and I feel like I look more rested.

    Rating: 5
  78. Brightened my eyes…

    Charmaine K. Age: 21-25

    Absorbs quickly, doesn’t look greasy, took the lines away and brightened the area around my eyes.

    Rating: 5
  79. Eyes look 5 years younger…

    Vicki H. Age: 41-45

    I was skeptical, but it absolutely works! My eyes look 5 years younger because this got rid of my dark circles and hid my bags.

    Rating: 5
  80. No more dark circles…

    Rayna B. Age: 26-30

    Put some moisture back under my eyes, my fine lines are looking better, I don’t need as much under eye coverup for dark circles. It’s worth it!

    Rating: 5
  81. Plumped everything up…

    Tanya H. Age: 41-45

    All of the lines around my eyes plumped right up. Amazing!

    Rating: 5
  82. Like caffeine for my undereyes…

    Loralee B. Age: 36-40

    My eyes look less puffy and I look soooo much more awake. It’s like caffeine for my eyes!

    Rating: 5
  83. My dark circles went away!…

    Irene D. Age: 31-35

    My undereyes don’t look tissue paper thin anymore and my dark circles went away!

    Rating: 5
  84. No more flaky undereyes…

    Christine K. Age: 21-25

    Immediate results…my undereyes don’t look flaky and my makeup glides on smoothly.

    Rating: 5
  85. Results driven…

    Dene S. Age: 36-40

    I have only been using this product underneath my eyes for a short time and am already seeing results!

    Rating: 5
  86. Full circle…

    Kirstin C. Age: 31-35

    My eye area no longer looks tired and dark. Since using this, the skin underneath my eyes looks firm and bright! No more dark circles for me!

    Rating: 5
  87. Highly recommended…

    Jordin H. Age: 41-45

    I would highly recommend this product.

    Rating: 5
  88. Lifted up…

    Marcy G. Age: 36-40

    Lifted and firmed up my under eye area. My eyes look so much brighter!

    Rating: 5
  89. Future customer…

    Mariella F. Age: 21-25

    I look younger after using this on my eye area for only 1 month. It was so worth it and I will be purchasing it again!

    Rating: 5
  90. Great buy…

    Valerie T. Age: 31-35

    Did wonders for lifting, firming and brightening up the area under my eyes. It’s a great buy!

    Rating: 5
  91. Looking younger…

    Amy R. Age: 36-40

    I really love how bright this made my eye area! I truly look younger since using this!

    Rating: 5
  92. Very helpful…

    Lisa F. Age: 26-30

    I struggle with a really puffy under eye area. This really helped!

    Rating: 5
  93. Lifted, firm and bright…

    Tristan G. Age: 31-35

    I always felt like I looked tired prior to using this product. It really lifted, firmed and brightened up my eye area!

    Rating: 5
  94. No more dark circles…

    Kristine A. Age: 36-40

    This really firmed up the area around my eyes. I also can no longer see any dark circles!

    Rating: 5
  95. Firming it up…

    Olivia F. Age: 31-35

    My eye area looks so much more lifted and firm. Loving it!

    Rating: 5
  96. Bye Bye dark circles…

    Kirsten Z. Age: 36-40

    Dark circles are gone and the puffiness has disappeared. This product is a gem. I fly a lot and it really helps!

    Rating: 5
  97. Younger and rested…

    Dalton R. Age: 31-35

    Completely lifted my eye area. I look younger and more rested!

    Rating: 5
  98. Lifted and firm…

    Mary H. Age: 26-30

    Took away the puffiness underneath my eyes. My eye area is a lot more lifted and firm!

    Rating: 5
  99. Gone for good…

    Cece A. Age: 31-35

    This is awesome! I’ve had dark circles under my eyes for years. Since using this, they have gone away!

    Rating: 5
  100. So much brighter…

    Tess Y. Age: 31-35

    My eyes are so much brighter now that I’m using this!

    Rating: 5
  101. All gone!…

    Brittany S. Age: 36-40

    My bags and dark circles are gone and I have only been using this for about a month. I am so happy!

    Rating: 5
  102. Works great!…

    Cara D. Age: 41-45

    My fave! I travel all the time and take this with me everywhere. Totally eliminates my eye puffiness and dark circles when I am tired. Works great!

    Rating: 5
  103. Truly works…

    Everly W. Age: 36-40

    Took away my dark circles! I’ve tried many products and this is the only one that truly worked!

    Rating: 5
  104. Brightened it up…

    Jacquie E. Age: 31-35

    Really lifted and brightened up the area under my eyes.

    Rating: 5
  105. Does what it says and more!…

    Cynthia R. Age: 36-40

    The bags and dark circles under my eyes are gone. Really happy with my results. Will continue to use this product, does what it says and more!

    Rating: 5
  106. Wide awake!…

    Ray A. Age: 46-50

    No more dark circles for me! I look so much younger because my eyes no longer look tired!

    Rating: 5
  107. My miracle product!…

    Kirsten C. Age: Above 50

    I can no longer see the bags and dark circles I battled with for so long. This is my miracle product!

    Rating: 5
  108. Bye Bye!…

    Terri A. Age: 41-45

    Bye bye dark circles! I’ve tried everything for my under eye puffiness and dark circles and never saw true results until using this. This is now a staple in my beauty routine!

    Rating: 5
  109. Impressive!…

    Taylor C. Age: 36-40

    I have struggled FOREVER with tired looking eyes. After using Eyevage for just a few months, I can’t even believe it is me! I look rested and my dark circles are gone. Really impressed!

    Rating: 5
  110. Better than the rest….

    Mary W. Age: 36-40

    After using this, I use a lot less makeup underneath my eyes. This product works way better than anything else I have tried.

    Rating: 5
  111. All gone…

    Carley S. Age: 26-30

    Took away all of the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes!

    Rating: 5
  112. Brighten up…

    Shannon A. Age: 31-35

    I was beginning to see crows feet developing around my eye area. Shortly after I began using this they were gone! I love this product, it makes me look so rested and awake!

    Rating: 5
  113. It works!..

    Jaquie R. Age: 31-35

    I have dealt with puffiness and dark circles underneath my eye area for as long as I can remember. I have tried everything to help with it. I finally tried this and am so glad that I did! My dark circles are gone and my eye area is no longer puffy. I am so thankful that I tried this because it works!

    Rating: 5
  114. Does the trick!…

    Isabella W. Age: 41-45

    All I need is my foundation. I no longer need to use concealer as well under my eyes. This product took away the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes and really lifted my under eye area.

    Rating: 5
  115. Light and bright…

    Sophia Z. Age: 36-40

    Totally diminished the appearance of the dark circles under my eyes. I couldn’t be happier!

    Rating: 5
  116. Firm and bright!…

    Kim S. Age: 26-30

    Firmed up the wrinkles that were starting to form around my eye area and really brightened it up too!

    Rating: 5
  117. Bye Bye…

    Marissa C. Age: Above 50

    De-puffed my eye area which is something that I thought I was stuck with for life. I will forever use this product because it works so well and no more puffiness for me!

    Rating: 5
  118. No more concealer…

    Jessie R. Age: 31-35

    I don’t need to wear concealer anymore with my foundation because eyevage has completely firmed up the area around my eye and taken away my dark circles. I look young again!

    Rating: 5
  119. Light and bright…

    Marla W. Age: 46-50

    Completely got rid of my dark circles. I am so happy with my results. I struggled so long with them and nothing seemed to work to take them away or cover them up. This stuff is awesome!

    Rating: 5
  120. Firmed up!…

    Olivia S. Age: 36-40

    I had a lot of sagging around my eye area and this firmed it right up!

    Rating: 5
  121. Nothing until now…

    Pat A. Age: 31-35

    I had a lot of puffiness around my eyes in the morning that really wouldn’t go down until mid day! I was so frustrated because nothing I tried was working. Then I found this and it worked! Great product!

    Rating: 5
  122. Young again…

    Jordan I. Age: Above 50

    Totally changed me! I had such dark circles under my eyes that my whole face looked aged from them. Concealer wouldn’t even cover them. After using this product for just two weeks the dark circles were virtually gone! I was so happy because it has been years of trying what feels like everything with no results. Now I look and feel younger. It made the skin around my eyes firmer too, I look young again!

    Rating: 5
  123. Results delivered…

    Britt S. Age: 46-50

    My dark circles and puffiness under my eyes are gone! So glad this product actually does what it says. I have tried so many things for my dark circles and none have delivered until now!

    Rating: 5
  124. Total transformation!…

    Bryn F. Age: 31-35

    I could never find a makeup to cover my dark circles and sagginess of my under eye area. I kid you not, after using this product for just a few weeks, I don’t even need a concealer!

    Rating: 5
  125. Firmer and brighter…

    Kim B. Age: 41-45

    I always struggled with puffiness around my eye area. Once I started using this, the puffiness went away and not only that, my eye area became much more firm and bright!

    Rating: 5
  126. It's a miracle!…

    Jordan I. Age: 36-40

    After using this product, my eyes looked brighter, the skin around them looked firmer and my face even looked more lifted. This product did an amazing job of taking away my dark circles and firming up the skin around my eye area. This product is a miracle!

    Rating: 5
  127. Just a short time…

    Kayla. S. Age: 36-40

    Loving this product! It completely diminished the look of my under eye dark circles after just a short time!

    Rating: 5
  128. Satisfaction!…

    Presley T. Age: 46-50

    It is insane how well this product works! I have never seen my eye area look more lifted, firm and bright. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

    Rating: 5
  129. Total Transformation…

    DJ F. Age: 36-40

    The area around my eyes was super puffy and dark. I was struggling because no matter how much sleep I got, it didn’t change. Once I started using this product it seriously transformed my eye area and now even my face looks more lifted and bright!

    Rating: 5
  130. Light and bright!…

    Marissa S. Age: 26-30

    My eyes were looking dull and I was starting to see the onset of early lines setting in from sun exposure. Once I used this product for just a week I saw everything brightening and firming up. I am so happy because now my eye area is bright and firm. No lines or dark circles!

    Rating: 5
  131. Happy customer…

    Jaime D. Age: 26-30

    This completely took away my dark circles. It was amazing, the results I saw instantaneously, and over time, completely vanished. I am one happy customer!

    Rating: 5
  132. Puffiness no more…

    Lori S. Age: 26-30

    The puffiness around my eye area is gone and the firmness is back!

    Rating: 5
  133. Bye Bye..

    Ava S. Age: 31-35

    I was struggling with seeing the onset of fine lines forming around my eye area. I was so happy with my results after using Eyevage.The lines around my eye virtually disappeared!

    Rating: 5
  134. New Best Friend…

    Ivette R. Age: 41-45

    My new BFF! I have never seen my eye area this lifted and bright. I had struggled with dark circles all of my life as far back as I can remember. No more dark circles. I am Thrilled!

    Rating: 5
  135. Happy Camper!…

    Heidi U. Age: 31-35

    No more dark circles for me! I have battled with extremely dark circles under my eyes for my entire life. This is the first time I have seen myself without them and I am SO happy! This product does what it says and more!

    Rating: 5
  136. The best!…

    Kim J. Age: 26-30

    This product tops any product I have ever tried before. My eyes are not puffy anymore and look lifted, firm and wrinkle free.

    Rating: 5
  137. What wrinkles!?..

    Madison D. Age: 31-35

    The wrinkles around my eyes have firmed up so much from using this product that they are nearly undetectable. I am amazed at how well this product works!

    Rating: 5
  138. Best product out there…

    Lacey H. Age: 26-30

    My dark circles and puffiness around my eye area is gone! I have never found anything that could deliver this type of result. Needless to say I will always have this around!

    Rating: 5
  139. Lifted and bright…

    Amanda J. Age: 36-40

    My eyes look lifted and bright again! My dark circles have completely disappeared.

    Rating: 5
  140. Top of it's class..

    Leslie H. Age: Above 50

    Better than any under eye treatment I have ever tried. This product delivers the results it says!

    Rating: 5
  141. Friends forever…

    Nadia D. Age: 36-40

    I have always had the goal to age as gracefully as possible. I noticed wrinkles under my eyes becoming more and more visible. I heard about this product from a friend and have to say I am so happy I tried it! My wrinkles are gone and eye area looks even more lifted than before!

    Rating: 5
  142. Brighter and lifted…

    Lana Z. Age: 41-45

    My eyes have always been dark and puffy underneath. After using eyevage, the puffiness is gone and my dark circled have simply disappeared. My whole face appears to be brighter and lifted because of this. I am really happy for this product!

    Rating: 5
  143. Back to bright…

    Sara F. Age: 31-35

    I am in my late 20’s and have struggled with very dark under eye circles. This product completely erased my dark circles and lifted the look of my eye area. I’m extremely happy with this product!

    Rating: 5
  144. No more surgery….

    Darla K. Age: 36-40

    I had considered surgery for my puffy under eye area and sagging lids. I tried this product and it completely firmed up each area. Now I have no need for surgery, I am very happy!

    Rating: 5
  145. Brighter and lifted…

    Mindy U. Age: 46-50

    The puffiness under my eyes is gone and my overall eye area is brighter and appears more lifted. Love it!

    Rating: 5
  146. Perfect result.

    Dora G. Age: 31-35

    I am not one to over exaggerate but I have to say all of my eye area concerns virtually vanished after use of this product!

    Rating: 5
  147. Never looked younger.

    Deborah F. Age: 41-45

    After trying this product I feel like I have my youth back! My eye area is firm, bright and the wrinkles that were starting to form are virtually gone! Thank you Evevage!

    Rating: 5
  148. Happy Camper….

    Marla O. Age: 31-35

    My eye area had started to sag and I had lost hope of anything working. I decided to try this product and could not believe the results. My eye area firmed up and there are no more dark circles! I seriously thought I would need to have something surgical done. I am so impressed with this product!

    Rating: 5
  149. No more puffiness…

    Andrea K. Age: 36-40

    My eyes were really puffy underneath when I would wake up in the morning and it would take about half a day to look normal. Once I started using this product the puffiness went away completely! I am so thrilled and will continue using it!

    Rating: 5
  150. Perfect result.

    Lea G. Age: 26-30

    Those awful wrinkles around my eyes seemed to vanish as soon as I applied Eyevage.

    Rating: 5
  151. Looking younger.

    Deborah F. Age: Above 50

    This product took 20 years off of my face.

    Rating: 5
  152. Such difference….

    Marie G. Age: 31-35

    My crows’ feet have been erased from around my eyes. I look younger and feel better about me. Such a difference! Thank you for making this product.

    Rating: 5
  153. Lasting result.

    Nicki P. Age: 41-45

    Eyevage improved the dark circles around my eyes and my eyes look much brighter now.

    Rating: 5
  154. Versatile product

    Janet W. Age: 26-30

    It’s the best wrinkle reducing cream I ever tried. I have been using it under the eyes and eyebrows for a month now.

  155. Love this eye cream!

    Mary L. Age: 21-25

    The skin around my eyes looks soft and supple. You can really see the improvement. It has just been a month since I first used it and I see less lines and wrinkles already. I super love this cream and I recommend it to women of all ages.

  156. Great product.

    Candice C. Age: 26-30

    I am seeing results almost immediately. It changed my face since my eyes looked like black holes before I used this product. This is the best eye serum I have ever used in my entire life.

  157. Instant improvement.

    Della C. Age: 36-40

    Amazing! This product immediately showed improvement on my wrinkles and fine lines. It made my skin so smooth that I need little make up. This is the first one that did that.

  158. Perfect for men too

    Shannon M. Age: 36-40

    This is awesome! After just one application, you would feel differences, wrinkles appears less intense. You should all try this product! Even men can!

    Rating: 5
  159. Silky & Smooth

    Opal K. Age: 21-25

    Eyevage is not greasy, feels silky smooth and a great moisturizer! I love it!

    Rating: 5
  160. Works as expected

    Carrie P. Age: 26-30

    Claims that these serum are 100% true. I’ve been using this and even use it above my upper lip as well. It lasts a long time too.

    Rating: 5
  161. Terrific eye cream.

    Bertha W. Age: 26-30

    I tried so many serums and eye creams for my dark circles. I even thought of under eye filler. Eyevage is a game changer. Amazing improvements after only a few days of using it. I feel no itching or burning! You only need a little for great eye coverage. Simply amazing!

    Rating: 5
  162. Keeper!!

    Linda C. Age: 31-35

    You can call this a miracle in a bottle! I can surely see a great improvement on my skin texture and a noticeable reduction on the wrinkles around my eyes. Imagine, I’ve been just using this for 3 weeks! Love the results!

    Rating: 5
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