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A lot of people overlook their lips when they think about skincare but the bottom line is that the skin on your lips is just as sensitive if not more sensitive to the skin on your face. In fact, the skin around the lips can be particularly susceptible to different kinds of allergies and damage. For this, the company Solvaderm Skincare USA, purveyors of a wide variety of skincare and beauty products, have developed a special lip balm to protect the lips against an array of factors.

The product they have come up with is called Sundefend Lip Balm. The product comes in a form much like your average lip balm or chap stick except it has been specially formulated to not only moisturize but protect the skin on your lips. It also has a factor 15 SPF to protect from harmful UV damage.

Again, this product is made by Solvaderm Skincare USA which is a company with a very good track record for quality but does Sundefend Lip Balm live up to their sterling legacy? That is what we will try to determine in this review.



Paraben freePerfume freePROFESSIONAL STRENGTH

So what can Sundefend Lip Balm do for you that average lip balms can’t? What makes it better than the lip balm you are currently carrying in your pocket or have in your purse? Take a look at the following list of stated benefits and compare them with what your lip balm brings to the table:

  • This product is said to implement the latest in skincare technology so it may be that Sundefend Lip Balm has an advanced type of formula that is not used by any other brand.
  • Sundefend Lip Balm is made by a company that specializes in beauty and anti-aging products and as such, was developed to also protect the lip skin from signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. It may also be able to reduce the appearance of thinning.
  • Sundefend Lip Balm has an SPF 15 broad spectrum factor which can protect the lips from the various forms of damage that UV rays can cause.
  • If you have sensitive lips, this product may be able to better protect them and treat them so that they are better defended in inclement weather.
  • Sundefend Lip Balm does not include PABA, which is an organic compound that was used in many sunscreens for its ability to absorb UV rays. In recent tomes however, it has been shown that PABA can increase photosensitivity, lead to thyroid issues and has even been banned in Canada and the European Union.
  • This product is also fragrance free.
  • Of course, Sundefend Lip Balm may be able to moisturize and refresh chapped lips better than other brands.

Solvaderm Skincare USA is a company that prides itself on creating products that are backed by science and proven to be effective. We can see by the ingredients list and through the clinical research that Sundefend Lip Balm is at the very least capable of protecting the lips from sun damage. We also know that Sundefend Lip Balm is PABA free which has been proven to pose certain health risks. Solvaderm Skincare USA has done their homework and have developed a well-researched product in Sundefend Lip Balm.

We are told of just two ingredients in Sundefend Lip Balm which account for just over 10% of the entire formula. We might assume that the rest of the formula is comprised of inactive ingredients. At any rate, let’s take a look at what we know is in Sundefend Lip Balm.

  • Oxybenzone – This ingredient is what gives Sundefend Lip Balm its SPF 15 factor as it absorbs UVA and UVB II rays.
  • Octinoxate – Octinoxate makes up 7% of the Sundefend Lip Balm formula and absorbs quickly into the skin to not only protect from UV rays, but to help skin cells regenerate.
Directions Of Use

The directions for use of this product are the same as other lip balms. Sundefend Lip Balm comes in a tube so you apply it directly to the lips when they are dry or feel chapped.

Apply Sundefend Lip Balm smoothly over the lips and if you are going to be out in the sun, apply it at least 15 minutes before you are exposed, being sure to reapply at 2 hour intervals.

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  1. Sundefend stands up to the climate

    Mark. I Age: 26-30

    The climate I live in is pretty unforgiving. There haven’t been a lot of lip balms that have worked for me but Sundefend has been by far the best.

    Rating: 5
  2. My go-to lip balm

    Linda P Age: 21-25

    My lips were always dry and conventional lip balm only seemed to make the problem worse. Sundefend has been the only lip balm that has worked for me.

    Rating: 5
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